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20 Games Before 2020 #4 - Escape Dead Island (PS3)


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This has been the least enjoyable game I've played in awhile. Everything about it felt slow and clunky. Animations were stiff and mouths were slightly out of sync with dialogue. It also froze on me twice, requiring me to restart the console and continue from the last checkpoint. The only thing I can say I did enjoy about it, was its cell-shaded visual style, which I thought looked nice, But that's pretty much it.

The combat was slow and tedious. You get more weapons as the game progresses, However when you do get a new one it just upgrades the previous weapon in that slot, of which you get three (one melee and two ranged). None of the weapons felt enjoyable to use. Melee was frustrating especially when you were surrounded, given how agonizingly slow the heavy attack was. Sometime you'd knock down a zombie, but it was never consistent, and the game never explained how it worked. Gunplay was dull. Basic zombies went down quickly with two headshots, but everyone else took maybe about half a clip. Ammo wasn't sparce, but it wasn't going to be you're first choice of attack. You do get the option to be stealthy, but even that was trying. Sure stealth kills where instant, but sometimes the game would just have enemies detect you, even when they shouldn't. Sometimes you'd have no choice but to go in swinging.
Zombies were just meh. Nothing about them was super interesting. Even the unique ones weren't that interesting. Spitter spat acid, screamer screamed and summoned more zombies and the bouncer would jump around. Fighting them was even less interesting, with there being little feedback when you did hit them.

Nothing else I really have to say about this game, other than I was expecting it to be fun and it was not.
Escape Dead Island, more like Escape this game.


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Well tbh the Dead Island franchise is pretty bad overall barring the first game which was interesting, although it had its problems too. All the other spinoff games are just bad overall. Honestly out of all these zombie games Techland made they didn't really make a true hit until Dying Light.


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Yeah, I'm definitely with Batt on this one. Dying Light was MUCH better. Not perfect though.