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You as a monster girl! - Generate a fiction



Species: Dryad
Hair: Chestnut brown bob cut
Eye color: Dark yellow
Height: 171cm
Bust Size: C cup

Top: Halter top
Bra: Shelf bra
Skirt: Vinyl bodycon skirt
Underwear: T-string
Shoes: Engineer boots

Traits: Careful, Chatty, Hostile
Interests: Hentai, Blogging, Reading
Hobbies: Mycology, Mycology
Job: Grey hat hacker
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Species: Scylla
Hair: Light brown, wavy, ankle-length twintails
Eye color: Blue
Height: 241cm
Bust Size: F cup

Coat: Trench coat
Top: Strapless crop top
Bra: Halter bra
Skirt: Maxi skirt
Underwear: Adhesive panties

Traits: Cunning, Introvert, Lascivious
Interests: Slacklining, Helicopters, Word searches
Hobbies: Video game developing, Breakdancing
Job: Exterminator


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Species: Ant
Hair: Black, wavy, armpit-length ponytail
Eye color: Deep blue
Height: 140cm
Bust Size: AAA cup

Coat: Fleece jacket
Top: Oversized shirt
Bra: Balconette bra
Pants: Bell-bottom jeans
Legwear: Garterbelt and latex stockings
Underwear: Microkini bottom
Shoes: Pumps

Traits: Humble, Level-headed, Dumb
Interests: Encyclopedias, Book restoration, Surrealism
Hobbies: Marching band, Playing baseball
Job: Taxi driver

I am greatly disappointed by this result


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Species: Elf
Hair: Dirty blonde, straight, hip-length twintails
Eye color: Light green
Height: 158cm
Bust Size: AAAA cup

Coat: Blazer
Top: Jersey shirt
Bra: Strapless bra
Skirt: Pleated skirt
Underwear: Adhesive panties
Shoes: Loafers

Traits: Impulsive, Shy, Bad memory
Interests: Alternate history novels, Weaponry, Sea shanties
Hobbies: Playing saxophone, Playing bridge
Job: Roboticist


I am whelmed. Should have written a quiz. Would have been much more entertaining.


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Wisteria! (Succubus)

Wisteria is a very charming and likeable person.
On the surface she seems soft and at ease, but deep down she fears that people may judge her too harshly. She's comfortable with talking about very personal things around almost anyone. She enjoys a good laugh as much as one else but understands that her humor can often put people off. However, when things don't work out her way she can go from being happy one minute and the most rage filled member of the team in an instant.
Regardless, you're a very mysterious person and people often are intimidated to get to know you better. Focus on more one on one interactions and people will flock to you for your personality and sense of humor.


Full-time Magical Girl
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Molly! (Slime Girl)

Molly is a timid and shy individual.

Molly has a hard time with crowds and conversation in general. She's afraid of saying too much or even the wrong thing. She apologizes for things constantly and has a hard time accepting that it's not her fault. She's not exactly self-loathing but she does tend to blame herself for the slightest of errors or inconsistencies beyond her control. She speaks to a selective few and keeps her close friends closer. Nonetheless, people find an oddly charming feature of her to be her laugh. She has the brightest smile and laugh out of the entire party and it isn't too often she gets to display them.
Regardless, you're very careful and selective about the people you choose to hang out with. You blame yourself for things you have no control over and people might take advantage of you for that. Your friends might be your strongest asset for they know about your nature and might find it endearing or just annoying. Most of the time it's endearing. Most of the time. When you have something to say, speak up! Your input might be the most important.

Now this is my kind of monster girl