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What's with "The Classic Gaming Lounge"?


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So after the UT2004 server got temporarily retired, me and Batt are talking on Discord. We're talking about Halo Online as our next server but we notice just a small teeny tiny little problem.

Nobody's playing Halo Online anymore. (FUTURE EDIT: Apparently we were dead wrong about Halo Online. There's actually an asston of people who wanna play. lol)

"Well, fuck." We both said. And this leads us to talking about hosting and playing these older games in general, and how it's always such a pain the ass to find people who still play these old but amazing games. And it would have ended on that depressing note, but then I get an idea. We have a Discord. We have some of our own servers. We have a kickass site behind us. Why not just make a channel on the Discord and start using one of our old sub-forums to solve this exact THIS EXACT DAMN ISSUE? What if we made it to where people could just come into the Discord and/or sub-forum and start scheduling events and pick-up games for these old titles? And hence, the Classic Gaming Lounge was created.

Now, it could be that such a group already exists out there somewhere, but if it does, then it's news to me, and in all my years of gaming, I have never seen such a group. Only for specific games. So it's time to start injecting some life back into these old titles. Here are the exact instructions: https://intosanctuary.com/index.php?threads/instructions.969/post-10675

I just ask one thing if you join (besides of course obeying the rules). Please try to be as flexible as possible. You may have a specific old title in mind that you'd like to play, but so does everybody else. Be adventurous. If you have the game, join the event. In the meantime, I'm going to start advertising and recruiting like crazy.
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