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What Europe's Potato History Can Teach Us about 3D Guns


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Excerpt: If the people didn't want potatoes, he was going to make them want them. He ordered his soldiers to guard the potato field but to go easy on the vigilance at night. This move naturally piqued the people's interest.

What resource could be so valuable that the King would order his soldiers to protect it?

In the middle of the night, the locals would steal potatoes from the field and plant them in their own gardens. The King's plan worked! People have enjoyed them across Europe ever since.

When someone either explicitly or implicitly signals to you that you can’t or shouldn't have something, it just makes you desire it more, and if you know you can get away with acquiring it, you will probably try to get it. This was the case with potatoes in Europe, and it’s also the case of 3D-printed gun files.

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Well, the MS23 build is now hosted not only because ElDewrito is so good, but because there's little place to host it. Again, if you have suggestions as to what we should host, please let me know via PM!