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The Top 5 Things Minecraft is Missing


Staff member
This is referring to the Java edition only by the way. Ranked in order of least to most important.

5. Colored lighting

At first I didn't know exactly what was wrong with Minecraft's lighting, but once I thought about it more and after seeing ray-traced Minecraft, I realized the incredibly obvious answer. Minecraft lights all objects with one color and ONE COLOR ONLY. Orange. That's it. There's no other color. Now, this seems like a small thing, but lighting is actually ridiculously important in a game's visual presentation, and when there's only ONE COLOR TO WORK WITH, it makes everything look more boring and samey.

4. More enemies/better combat options

One of the biggest complaints I hear from critics of Minecraft is that the solo content is very lacking when compared to something like Terraria and the player progression is just as bad. I also think these things are an issue. Slapping around the same enemies with a samey-acting melee weapon or bow gets really old really fast and let's be honest, Mojang could do a lot better than this. And yeah, before it gets mentioned, I realize Minecraft has a lot more depth than that in its PvP combat, especially in Survival, but we're not talking about that, we're talking about the solo experience, and if we were to measure the combat by Bungie's 30-seconds metric, then Minecraft would fail hard. With that said though, I do NOT want Diablo's loot and progression infecting Minecraft like it has for every other """AAA""" game these days.

3. A teleportation option

Long has long-distance travel been a pain the ass in Minecraft, and every update has so far been content with continuing to deprive players of a controlled teleportation option. Since players don't have one, moving to a new far-away area is risky and also, if anything else, highly annoying just due to the distance one has to walk. And we're not even talking about possible return trips just to get everything you collected. And yeah, there's the Nether, but even the Nether will only give you so much speed. AND you gotta work around very hazardous conditions. Now, I do realize that a teleportation option would be a very powerful addition, but there ARE ways to balance it. Most notably, have it consume lots of valuable resources to make, and maybe even to power it as well. And also, the option would act as a mark and recall spell of sorts. Two "pads" would be placed and tuned to each other, which would make sure players could only teleport to places they've already been and also can't use it to stalk other players.

2. Chunk optimization

But if there's something that's always been even MORE a pain in the ass in Java Edition, it definitely has to be how chunks are generated and loaded. Specifically, it's laggy, and the code behind it is, reportedly, terribly written. And you know what? I believe it. What I'm thinking is not nearly enough is offloaded to the GPU which makes the game create a huge unnecessary bottleneck in the CPU. Regardless though, Mojang really needs to fix this for good some day. It was cute back in the old days, but now it's just dumb.

1. Infinite verticality/cubic chunks

And speaking of chunks, why doesn't Minecraft generate infinitely on the Y-axis yet? This isn't some space-age technology either. The mod Cubic Chunks does exactly this and does it with flying colors. In fairness though, this would be a HUGE rewrite of pretty much all the chunk-handling code. Absolutely no small feat. Until we get this though, I don't think we will ever see Minecraft reach its full and absolute potential.