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Sanctuary Clan Will Be Switching From GMod to Unreal T.


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Not sure if it's gonna be '99 or 2004 yet. Reasons for the switch though are as follow:

1. The entire prop system (when doing multiplayer) is jank as FUCK. It barely works, and when it doesn't, it really doesn't. I had to get a plugin just to avoid server crashes and rampant CPU over-consumption. And even then, FPS lag was crazy at times.
2. The community is mostly cancer. I mean, I thought it was just gonna be teenagers, but holy hell, almost all of the community aren't even that old. I'm sorry, but I don't want to run a daycare server.
3. Minecraft has taken over the role of being our "chill" server. More people from our clan can join it as well, and the game actually has a point to it, even if it's small.
4. Sessions on the GMod server would often just turn into fragfests anyway since the props were so unreliable. Vehicles a little less so but still bad.
5. Like Minecraft, UT also has much more of a point to it and can adapt to ANY kind of FPS match desired. 1v1 Duels? No problem. 16v16 Assault? Absolutely.
6. UT has just as much mod support as GMod. In fact, in some ways, even moreso. UnrealScript is pretty damn flexible and the map editor, even to this day, is amazing to use and powerful.

It isn't all roses though. We will lose a few really nice perks.
1. No more Steam Workshop redirect. Now both UT99 and 2004 have full redirect potential as well, but the download speed is... Untested. Either way, I'm pretty sure it's not gonna be as good compared to having Gabe Newell back your redirect server.
2. No more official support. Both games are very solid, but they are very old, and I wouldn't be surprised if someone found an exploit that has not been patched to this day. We'll be on our own here. Now, the good news is that, since UScript is SO flexible, patches from the community can probably still be written, but even so...
3. The guns on GMod... Actually have really good netcode behind them. The shooting itself works super well, considering everything GMod has to juggle.
4. For better and for worse, UT obviously does not have as much support for "goofing around" as much as GMod does. The game is built to be the most powerful multiplayer FPS, but that's what you're gonna get, and you're not gonna be spawning props or anything without going through some mutators. Still though, we play UT to, well, shoot people. I'm not sure it really needs to support anything more than that, even though it's nice to have it.


More details will follow once I pick a game and server hoster.
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