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Official Donations Page


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*sigh* Alright. It is created. Funds ONLY towards advertising for Sanctuary can be donated now. PLEASE POST HERE OR CONTACT ME VIA PM OR EMAIL (arnox@intosanctuary.com) IF YOU WISH TO CONTRIBUTE TOWARDS ADVERTISING FOR SANCTUARY. We will first discuss and agree on how you would like your funds to be used and then I will provide you a Stripe link to donate. The quantity of money on the donation page can be changed to be all the way up to $300. I fully reserve the right to refuse any donations for any reason.

Here's the rules:
1. Do NOT donate more than what we agreed upon beforehand. I will do my best to refund you if there's been a mistake, but I haven't looked into the specifics of it yet, so be sure that what you donate is the amount you want.

2. Once I receive the donation, consider it NON-REFUNDABLE. Again, please make sure this is what you want before you donate.

3. Funds received through donations are ONLY going to be put towards advertising. They are not going to be used for anything else. Full advertising data after donations will be fully available on request (and probably posted periodically anyway).

If you wish to make your donation with your personal details kept private, I might recommend privacy.com. I set Stripe to not log any personal details, but who knows what they actually log and don't log.

EDIT (6/29/2022): Donations have been disabled at this time. Thank you for your consideration.
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