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Multimedia Collections - Physical vs Digital

Which do you prefer?

  • Physical

  • Digital

  • Both

  • Neither

Results are only viewable after voting.



Share yer poison


I'm been doing some media acquisition as of late.
Looking up what highest quality format titles got, each variant of the release and looking up their prices to gauge whether its ultimately worth the buy/shelf space.
After I check to see if its available on the internet somewhere.

So far I've been severely disappointed with the internet. Having never looked before I kinda figured there would be giant collections holding certain medias something akin to game collections. Games collections are organized by consoles, roms/isos organized by region releases, manuals, box/disc/cartridge art all widely available on the net.

Movies/TV Shows have nothing like it. I figured there would be collections for say Netflix/Hulu/Kids' WB/Fox Kids/4Kids TV/Fox/MTV/Adult Swim/Cartoon Network/Disney Channel/History Channel/Movie Studios. There really isn't. Considering streaming services are trying to own all the media in the world I would think there would be some communities out there undermining them. Man was I wrong, Sure you can find specific things with public torrents but I thought those organized TB mega collections existed. All I come by are the disorganized ones.

Sadly the only other collections I've found that gets near the organization of games are JAV collections. Those collections got cover/back art and have the entire collection of releases organized by adult studio. Impressive stuff

Book collections truly win out though, Those fucks got the dewey decimal system on their side.


Of all the things in the world I can't find the first seasons of Pokemon in DVD quality publicly available on the net. Considering the fan base I'm legitimately shocked.
The VHS version/and DVD torrent is there but the shock still stands.

Found it.
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Definitely both for me. I don't have the space/money to make everything physical, and digital is more convenient, but if I could make everything physical and have the room for it, I definitely would.


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same as arnox. Physical all the time, until I run out of space, then its digital. Even started buying physical versions of some of my psn games just as a backup.