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Minecraft Server Update - 1/22/2023


Staff member

- Anyone can now request a single Mending or Frost Walker enchanted book in exchange for 30 experience levels. Also, Swift Sneak costs only 10 experience levels and Soul Speed costs only 5.

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Notes: Due to the rather asinine way Minecraft handles enchantments, especially certain ones, I've made a server ruling that allows people to get the ridiculously hard to get enchantments, but at a steep cost to balance them out. If you're an op, you can make this transaction yourself. Go into Creative mode, give yourself the desired book, then run this command without quotes, "/xp set <Your_Name> <Desired XP Level> levels". You can also query what other people's XP levels are by typing, again, without quotes, "/xp query <Target_Name>"

So for example, if I had 33 experience levels and I wanted to get Mending, I would retrieve the book in Creative mode, then switch back to Survival mode, then enter, "/xp set Arnox_Sanc 3 levels".