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Default Theme Candidate #1


The Actual Hero
Sanctuary legend
I think it looks too plain.

The reason why Sanctuary v1.0 is better, IMO, is because the "message-cell" div is a different color than the background, whereas in night mode, it's the same color.

If you make the background a different color, maybe matching the color of the "fr-wrapper" (this text box I'm using), I think that would work. That's how it is in v1.

You'd also want some contrast between that and the other colors. Basically, don't let the same color border itself.

Basically, just make it Sanctuary v1


Sanctuary legend
Game server maintainer
I like it, though I am torn between night mode, sanctuary v1.0 and 2.bit, so I might switch between them till I decide what I prefer


Staff member
Game server maintainer
I'm pleasantly surprised actually by how many people like the "Sanctuary v1.0" theme. On revisitation, I actually do agree, it does suit XF as well as ye olde Sanctuary. But yeah, don't worry. The only theme I was actually thinking of removing, if at all, was "Steel" because nobody (even me now, kind of) seems to like it. We do need to decide on a site-wide default though, which is very important since of course this will be the first theme anyone who visits the site sees. Since it looks like everyone is at least OK with "Night Mode" now, I'll make a poll.