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Doom Eternal - Eternally Mediocre


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Okay, maybe calling it mediocre might be a bit harsh, but everything i said about Doom (2016) applies here.
Guns were fine, but again once I got the super shotgun, that became the go-to gun. Soundtrack was fine, again. Combat was fine but started to get a little tedious by the end, again. Levels overall were more visually interesting this time, but I wasn't a fan of the platforming sections especially when I kept misjudging if I could make a jump or not and it doesn't help that the doom slayer seems to be wearing heelies because I kept sliding off platforms after landing.
I think one of my issues with Doom Eternal, is that the game thinks that just throwing lots of enemies at you is what makes something difficult. In reality it just makes things tedious, especially when you start using those damned summoning bastards. Seriously those guys can fuck off. And so can the marauders. Fighting one as a boss was fine, but then putting them in regular combat encounters, they just became annoying. Having to dodge and wait for an opportunity to attack them just slowed down the gameplay and dragged it out. If I wanted to play that way, I'd play Dark Souls instead.
My next issue, is that I feel like I'm missing a bunch of lore or backstory or some sort of DLC that was supposed to tie the two games together. It felt like there was supposed to be stuff I already knew, but didn't. Maybe it was in codex pages from the first game I didn't read, maybe it was some DLC that never got made, but it feels like there was supposed to be something that connected the two. It felt like I'd walked in on two people having a conversation and just inserted myself into it, without knowing what the conversation was supposed to be about.

Yeah, overall the game was just kinda fine. Again. I'm not sure why, but I just don't think these games live up to the weird hype some people have built up around them. Sure the combat is fine and the soundtrack is good, but neither of those things are groundbreaking enough to make these the greatest games to grace the gaming industry.


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People really liked the flow of the game, hence why it's talked about so much.

My problem with it is that, in a way, it kind of forces you to play in that hyper-aggressive 360-noscope 30-actions-a-second kind of way, and while that is fun, it's not something I want to do ALL the time. And it certainly doesn't make other types of shooters outdated as some fanboys like to say.


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It's a great game still, I get why you don't like it, but it's clearly not the game for you. I personally enjoyed it a lot, the hyper aggressive style felt fun, the key was to never stop moving and always be on the offensive. If you are into more tactical, military, stealth or other kind of fps then Doom Eternal is not the best place to look for an fps game to play.