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We are now officially at v3.0!


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I guess technically we've been at 3.0 for a while now, but I think everything is finished. Or at least ready enough. The Media tab still isn't open, but only because I haven't quite decided what to use it for quite yet. I'm open to suggestions there. Maybe I can turn it into a Groups tab of sorts. Anyway. As you might know, 3.0 was and is NOT a small update in the slightest. In fact, almost everything about the site, software and hardware wise, has changed for the better.

On the hardware side, we gained:
- 80 GBs of storage to do whatever we want with
- 8 TBs of traffic a month, up from the 100 GB limit we had
- Dedicated 4 cores of CPU power
- 4 GBs of RAM

And on the software side, the list is MUCH bigger:
- Responsive design
- Full theme editing tools
- Media Gallery Hook-in
- Resource Manager Hook-in
- Greatly enhanced searching
- Profile comments
- Better custom page creation
- Chaos Realm
- Countdown BBCode
- Even greater BBCode control
- Much better "Alert" system for threads and etc.
- Trophies
- Banners
- Quoting control
- Group PMs
- Site wording template system
- Overall better chatbox
- Overall better software stability
- Overall better add-on quality
- Continuous updates
- Professional support
- Full server editing through the SSH command line
- Access to both PHP 5.6 and 7.0 (which consequentially gives us the ability to host the first version of Sanctuary for everyone to see now finally.)

In fact, at this point, the ONLY thing we lost was the dice roller BBCode. And even that can be gotten back, though I wonder if it's really needed in the first place anyway. And finally, to commemorate the occasion, on top of the pile of full custom themes we have now, I made the Last Exit theme. So what does "Last Exit" mean anyway? Well, about a week ago, I was thinking about Sanctuary, and then I stumbled across the idea that, on a sliding scale of "rules and enforcement strictness", we are the last rung before one has to go into the dark web or the deep web. We are right on the border of the "civilized internet". Hence, Last Exit.

Oh yeah, and there's one last little thing as well. We are now hosting the MS23 build of Halo Online and will now take suggestions for what to host in the Resources tab! So on that note, happy new year everyone! I'm actually really excited for the future now for the first time in a long time. Let's try and make this year amazing. <3


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Where would one suggest files for saving?
Things like Rare Freeware, Abandonware, Grey Area?
Just PM me any suggestions along with a temporary download link to the zipped file in question. These are the submission rules (which can also be found under the Rare files category in the Resources tab):

We collect files that would otherwise be taken down elsewhere as long as they follow a few guidelines. These guidelines are:
  • No pornography of any kind.
  • No malware unless it's been contained and EXPLICITLY labelled as such AND there must be a very good reason for preserving it.
  • No personally identifying information or financial details of anyone.
If you wish to submit a file or files, submit a PM to Arnox with a temporary download link to the zipped file(s) along with why you think they should be preserved and Arnox will review it for possible submission. All files will be scanned thoroughly before being available for any download. Please note that anything uploaded can be downloaded by anyone who has an account on Sanctuary. Later on, once we have the server power to actually handle this, we'll open it up to anyone who visits Sanctuary.


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Xenforo seems nice, congrats. You should work on the layout a bit more.

Also look into friendly urls if possible.
Welcome to Sanctuary! Could you be a bit more specific in terms of the layout?

Also, URLs can be entered in a friendly format. For example, https://intosanctuary.com/index.php?threads/we-are-now-officially-at-v3-0.578 can also be entered in as https://intosanctuary.com/index.php?threads/578