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Expired Garry's Mod


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Time and Date
April 11th and 12th, , 7:00 PM MST
How will others meet exactly?, Password: RUSSIASTRONG
FINALLY got the server we need and got it set up for our purposes. I also took a while to fully familiarize myself with how administration is done exactly so I can train others in how to admin it as well. All server moderators will get the RCON password. RCON will give the ability to issue any console command to the server. Abuse of moderator power will be dealt with as per Sanctuary side-wide rules.

For the JKA vets here, I figured out how to fully exploit the lua_run command which is basically the JKA admin console on absolute steroids. As me and Batt were testing out the server for ourselves, we confirmed that while GMod sucks ass for any structured play, it makes for an absolutely amazing home server and interactive chat. Something that we could definitely rely on and come back to as a clan whenever we like. It's also HIGHLY supported with a huge playerbase. And I do mean huge. While me and Batt were sitting in server, we had no less than 4 players join before we finally password-protected it. lol

Anyway though. Putting all that aside, here's how to connect: https://nodecraft.com/support/games/gmod/how-to-connect-to-your-gmod-server

Relevant server details are above. NOTE THAT THE MEETUP IS SCHEDULED FOR TODAY AND TOMORROW. I don't know who's going to join so I'm just gonna scattershot it a bit.