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Recent content by M0nke3

  1. M0nke3

    MP4 Testing

  2. M0nke3

    Rune Classic and/or Nox?

    Both of those seem to be specifically Windows platform. I'll see if there's a workaround for Mac.
  3. M0nke3

    Do you experience gaming burn-out?

    It really depends on what mood I'm in and how the world is coming at me. There are some that just generate burnout for the mere fact grinds get old, and then you question what all the effort is for something thats a cosmetic doodad or random noisemaker, etc. Also I get burnout easy when my eyes...
  4. M0nke3

    Game contests/competitions coming up!

    Well... that's far from the money shower I wanted :(
  5. M0nke3

    Some big changes for the clan/site upcoming...

    ROFL right back atcha homie <3
  6. M0nke3

    Some big changes for the clan/site upcoming...

    LOL I sure would hope I'd qualify, seeing as how I trusted you with RCON and admin all those years in oFc :P (and you're always welcome to my server, as is everyone here)
  7. M0nke3

    Some big changes for the clan/site upcoming...

    Also... whats the title under my name that says "Outlander"? Is that one of those silly post based titles like I used to make up on my forum? EDIT: With my 20th post it changed to "Adherent" SO I answered my own question. ROFL
  8. M0nke3

    Some big changes for the clan/site upcoming...

    Soooo... what's the "Sanctuary Legend" title then? Is that the person who's "the real MVP"? Are there more titles other than "Sanctuary Legend" and "Game Server Maintainer", and how does it stack up in the future with more members? Pitch us a list with an explanation or something. Cheers!
  9. M0nke3

    Some big changes for the clan/site upcoming...

    LOL whut? Oh hey neat I'm a Legend!
  10. M0nke3

    Sanctuary Update - 6/11/2020

    ROFL ye of many IP addresses
  11. M0nke3

    Sanctuary Update - 6/11/2020

    LOL you know, starting your own gametracker account is easy and the whole process of registering your server with them takes like 2 or 3 minutes max. It's super easy. It only takes a few seconds to work out the hex colors for the tracker's background to match your site as well, hint hint nudge...
  12. M0nke3

    Sanctuary Update - 6/11/2020

    Hey, you got a bunch of dead server trackers on your server page that can be removed just FYI. Maybe also add the current ones?