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  1. Battousai

    Free Speech Hypocrites: The Quartering

    Dude most people who say they are in favor of freedom of speech mean they favor themselves having the freedom to say whatever they want and not facing any consequences or censorship. They couldn't give any less of a shit about anyone else's freedom of speech if it doesn't follow their own...
  2. Battousai

    Godzilla vs. Kong Trailer Released

    Best way to enjoy these monster movies is to not expect anything coherent. I enjoyed all the Monsterverse movies so far, more specifically when the monsters actually appear and stuff gets blown up.
  3. Battousai

    Asmongold WoW and reaction vids

    Continuing with people roasting him XD
  4. Battousai

    Asmongold WoW and reaction vids

    So basically I got back to play SWTOR because I felt like going back for a bit of fun, and a bit later I started to get a few Asmongold vids on my recommended vids which is WoW and is completely unrelated to the game I play. Turns out there is a lot of entertainment value in some of these vids...
  5. Battousai

    USB Tool That Lets You Choose Between Bootable ISOs

    This is pretty nice if I wanna install older versions of windows via a flash drive.
  6. Battousai

    Call of Duty: Cold War (PS4)- The cold war is heating up

    Yeah, one of the biggest complaints of this game that still remains is the insanity of the file size and the downloads, and the updates. Sure it looks pretty great but, damn son there is literally no compression of any kind to make it easier to download. I sure as hell don't even wanna try to...
  7. Battousai

    Starcraft 2 on Linux

    Pretty sure you can just install a torrent and it will run on Linux just fine with a bit of tweaking, as for the battle.net for multiplayer I assume there are cracks or fixes to get over that.
  8. Battousai

    Microsoft will soon require a Microsoft account for Minecraft

    Not strange, a lot of people have 2 phones, one is for personal use and one is for work. My dad has exactly that setup.
  9. Battousai

    Microsoft will soon require a Microsoft account for Minecraft

    This sounds all very unnecessary and is being pushed with the excuse of added security clearly, which although it will actually add security with the whole 2 step verification it's not really needed. What's the point of a Microsoft account anyway? The Only reason this is being done is because MS...
  10. Battousai

    Halo Online on our server

    did 2 more short video of a couple of matches from Saturday.
  11. Battousai

    Halo Online on our server

    Doing some vids for our Halo server to promote the clan, here's the first vid, just a about a half hour gameplay session between me and Arnox and some randos we that joined us. Enjoy.
  12. Battousai

    What's with "The Classic Gaming Lounge"?

    Here we go, lets see how we do. Show me those games.
  13. Battousai

    News Regarding our UT2004 Server

    Well yeah, no one was really playing anymore these days, and that includes ourselves. No point in keeping it around for now.
  14. Battousai

    PS5 is thicc

  15. Battousai

    What kind of game rules would you like for the forum game?

    What we had last time was fine by me.