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  1. Battousai

    Should we even schedule game nights from now on... ?

    You can also send a private message through the discord if need arises, in fact you can just do one of those @everyone posts on the group discord asking to play.
  2. Battousai

    Should we even schedule game nights from now on... ?

    Just send messages whenever someone is on for the most part, you don't really need to set up a game night or something of the sort each time except for maybe special events. Just ask anyone if they wanna play.
  3. Battousai

    If there was a "Windows PC Mini Console" released...

    If we are going to try to make it 1 or 2 per genre at most (although with FPS its just not really possible) and with just 25 for influential and popular, then in no particular order. The Secret of Monkey Island Monkey Island 2: Le Chuck's Revenge Doom (1995) Duke Nukem 3D Starcraft Warcraft 3...
  4. Battousai

    Figure You JKA guys might like this

    Then that's probably what's gonna happen here, I think the aim is more to sell the regular new editions of the games for the different platforms. This seems more like the publisher is not really interested in putting money towards those limited editions, and just puts out a really low number as...
  5. Battousai

    Figure You JKA guys might like this

    That probably has more to do with the fact that JKA and JK2 are over 15 years old now, the only ones buying it would be the old fans. There is no real reason to make a large stock when most of the current player base is pretty low . The people who just want to try the game will get regular...
  6. Battousai

    Figure You JKA guys might like this

    I just realized that for the ungodly amount of years I've played JKA, I have never actually bought the legit game. I bought 2 burned CDs back in 2005 and they costed me like 2 or 3 dollars, lol. All the rest was torrents.
  7. Battousai

    Expired Garry's Mod

    Yeah, I'll be there.
  8. Battousai

    Bad or Boring. Which is worse?

    I've played both Rage games and Rage 2 has the same problem as the first Rage, the gameplay might be fun specifically the gun play which was enhanced a lot in Rage 2 imo with the addition of the wacky powers. Everything else however is absolutely bland, the racing element is really boring...
  9. Battousai

    Expired Minecraft

    Torrenting Minecraft is really easy, however I doubt you could play online with other people without having an original copy. I can't buy the game anyway, so if a downloaded copy doesn't work I simply can't play.
  10. Battousai

    JKA PC Players Find Out How to Join Nin. Switch Games, Hilarity Ensues

    I might have to play a bit just to mess with them lol. It has been so along since I've had actual noobs on that game, not to mention noobs playing on controllers.
  11. Battousai

    How does one record a thing improperly?

    Well the only other option I can think about is using an emulator and capture the gameplay from that on your PC.
  12. Battousai

    Report on the Offline Capabilities of Halo: MCC for PC (UPDATED)

    Yeah the phone number is pretty usual nowadays for all these gaming launchers really. Most of them do it, I got the Steam Mobile one for example since its required if I actually want to trade or sell stuff on the market without having to wait 7 days each time, it has added security at least...
  13. Battousai

    We're stepping up our game!

    @Arnox Told ya the yellow was a bit much, lol.
  14. Battousai

    FPS Overall Weapons Design

    Good times indeed eh?