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Recent content by gaijinkaiju

  1. gaijinkaiju

    Looking Through The Digital Attic - A Dump of Some of My Old Stuff

    pfft, amateuer numbers. I don't like deleting stuff, just beacuse I often think "what if I need that later?" so almost everything I've saved since getting my laptop is still around somewhere. Music ~88gb Images ~49gb Text files are probably around 5gb, but I can't be exact. If I include ebooks...
  2. gaijinkaiju

    Steam is apparently an extremist site now

    https://archive.is/iGnJ1 I don't even know what to say other than this
  3. gaijinkaiju

    Figure You JKA guys might like this

    To add insult to injury, alot of resellers likely brought them too. You'll be able to find them on ebay for massive markups, which is abit of shame
  4. gaijinkaiju

    Figure You JKA guys might like this

  5. gaijinkaiju

    Expired Garry's Mod

    Will be there
  6. gaijinkaiju

    Bad or Boring. Which is worse?

    Finished rage 2 recently and thought the whole thing was boring, but it got me thinking about what's worse. If a game is bad, or if its boring? Somthing can be bad but you can still enjoy it for one reason or the other, i.e GTA Online, but if somethings boring then you're obviously not enjoying...
  7. gaijinkaiju

    Donation of Server Minecraft Server

    via their User control panel. not sure if you could connect it, since I need to log in to access admin controls
  8. gaijinkaiju

    Donation of Server Minecraft Server

    Yeah, I've got some basic remote admin abilities. Yeah, I abide by the official rules
  9. gaijinkaiju

    Donation of Server Minecraft Server

    Latest version, java edition
  10. gaijinkaiju

    Donation of Server Minecraft Server

    Got a minecraft server setup IP - Just default vanilla minecraft. Survival mode, normal difficulty. Max capacity of 10 players at once, but Shouldn't be an issue for us.
  11. gaijinkaiju

    How does one record a thing improperly?

    Why not just grab an Elgato Game Capture HD? I've got one and it works just fine for ps2
  12. gaijinkaiju

    FPS Overall Weapons Design

    I just pick whatever gun is the most fun to use/ I like the most. Keeping things simple You mean Insomniac. You're right with the resistance guns, less so with Ratchet and clank. I don't really think that the first game emphasized certain weapons for certain types, other than the slime things...
  13. gaijinkaiju

    Some good game remixes...

    Technically, it is remixing a game. I'll offer these instead