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Recent content by gaijinkaiju

  1. gaijinkaiju

    Godzilla vs. Kong Trailer Released

    Yeah, to be fair, That is usually the most enjoyable party of them. The plot just kinda serves as connective tissue between fights
  2. gaijinkaiju

    Godzilla vs. Kong Trailer Released

    I think Legendary's Monsterverse is starting to grow on me. Wasn't a fan of the first Godzilla movie, but I thought the second and skull island were both pretty good, so I'm curious to see how this one turns out and where they go with future tie-ins.
  3. gaijinkaiju

    Sanctuary Update - 1/10/2021

    Can't believe it's 2021 and i'm getting rick rolled
  4. gaijinkaiju

    I wanna complain about The Chronicles of Riddick some...

    I kinda liked both, but it has been a very long time since I last saw either though.
  5. gaijinkaiju

    A few thoughts on Christmas Eve and the status of Sanctuary...

    I'll always be around, lurking. Sometimes I just don't really have much of anything to say, sometimes I do, But i'll be round till the site is gone
  6. gaijinkaiju

    Rating the Steam Award 2020 Nominees

    Factorio is great and I absolutely love it, even if it is very micromanagement heavy. It gets my vote. Flight simulator would be a runner-up, Haven't played it, but I enjoy flight sims. Yeah, not sure really. Doom maybe, It's got some great tracks. Can't remember the Helltaker soundtrack. I'd...
  7. gaijinkaiju

    Which game had a worse launch?

    Seen this question floating around lately, thought I'd see what you guys think. Personally, I'd say Anthem but that's because I actually quite enjoy both cyberpunk and 76, so naturally I'd be biased.
  8. gaijinkaiju

    The Do-It-All Machine Extras

    debatable. When I upgraded mine, I was thinking of grabbing a wi-fi card but when I looked at the price of a motherboard with wi-fi vs motherboard and separate wi-fi card, the price difference (I think it was about ~$10-20) was small enough to not matter.
  9. gaijinkaiju

    The Do-It-All Machine Extras

    Oh, I was thinking of getting something similiar a while ago. Not that I need one, just thought it would be kinda cool to have. Agreed. I barely use mine, but it's still very handy to have. Why not just go for a mother board with its own wi-fi?
  10. gaijinkaiju

    Upcoming: 8 Amazing Video Game Remasters and Remakes

    Eh, Its alright. Aside from the second stage of the last of boss, It's alright. Oddly though, browsing the archives causes the ps4's fans to go into overdrive for seemingly no reason Thought I should add, I only briefly played the original back on the ps2, so I can't really compare the two.
  11. gaijinkaiju

    Upcoming: 8 Amazing Video Game Remasters and Remakes

    Hang on a second, Destroy all humans has already released. (its meh) And is heartgold/soulsilver getting the alpha sapphire/omega ruby treatment? never played those ones, so could be interested
  12. gaijinkaiju

    The Final Do-It-All Enterprise/Server/Production/Gaming/Emulation/Etc. Machine

    Arnox confirmed for scalie Oh shit, We almost have the same case. I went with the pro M, though. Great case choice. I ran into a similar issue. Was going to get an rtx2060 but I came across an rtx 2070 that cost the exact same price. No idea why either. Now your next step is to get an...
  13. gaijinkaiju

    Spider Man: Miles Morales (PS4) - My spidey sense is tingling

    Yeah, not much of a review for this one, I just wanted to use that title. Its pretty good. It's basically just a just a re-skin of the previous game, which is fine because I really enjoyed it. Combat is fine, It's just your standard brawler system ( Think the Arkham games) but it does start to...
  14. gaijinkaiju

    Call of Duty: Cold War (PS4)- The cold war is heating up

    Right, first things first. Why is this game so fucking huge?! Its taking up ~190gb (~250 on PS5). Do they not understand what compression and optimization are? Secondly. Why, when I've brought a physical copy, do I still need to download the campaign? I needed to download three separate files...
  15. gaijinkaiju

    So... How's the Escapist doing these days?

    Funnily enough I still check out the front page, but I use the term "check out" loosely since its more a habit now than anything. Haven't checked the forums in who-knows-how long. Don't really bother with yahtzee, haven't for years, but I'm not surprised he's carrying the site. Isn't that the...