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What kind of game rules would you like for the forum game?


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So the last forum game we had was amazingly successful and it ended very well. Now, I could take out the core rules from that game and just replace the content for our new forum game, but I also didn't want to be stale. And I also feel like it would be better to leave the entire thing, core rules and all, locked in time as a special experience. The thing is though, I'm not sure what else I'd want to do besides a Serial Killer type forum game. To be quite honest, for the poll, I thought everyone was just gonna pick D&D. lol

It also doesn't help that I think I did a damn good job with the core rules from that last forum game. They offer simplicity and ease of play, but still allow for lots of role-playing. To just leave it and not use it again seems counter-intuitive.
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I'm indifferent, so long as its fun/interesting I'm fine with whatever