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Cinema The Bad Guys (2022) - Had Potential But Some Bad Writing Hurts It


Staff member
3.00 star(s)
The last of the two recent Dreamworks films I saw. Puss in Boots was better I think, but this movie had different issues. A little too many scenes I just felt were poorly written and/or executed. Like they were written for a younger audience. And you know what, maybe it was, and once again, I'm not the target demographic. Fair enough. I just feel though that... You know, we don't have to downgrade the dialogue like that. Pixar has shown time and time again that you don't have to dumb stuff down for your audience in order to make a good movie for both kids and adults both. But I don't hate the movie. It's alright. Starting scene in the diner was pretty great and a fun callback to Pulp Fiction too. Not a movie I'm gonna watch again though.

Oh well... At least I got a nice gif from this movie. Maybe I can get some mileage out of this one.