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The 6 Major Content Updates I'm Currently Waiting On


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Serious Sam 4 - Editor

When SS4 came out, it came out unfinished and everybody knew it. Linux support was on hold. Multiplayer was on hold. Even the classic editor was not shipped with the game at launch. And to top things off, it was buggy. Now, it wasn't Cyberpunk levels of bad, and I think they did mostly fix it now, but regardless, the game is still unfinished, and the biggest thing it's missing by far is the editor. Without it, the game is a shadow of what it could be in my eyes.

Guild Wars 2 - End of Dragons

If you haven't played Guild Wars 2 yet, you should get on that. It's, overall, currently the best MMO on the market you can play. But unfortunately, since it's such a great game, it also makes its flaws stand out all the more. Also, at this point, Guild Wars 2 is beginning to reach end-of-life, engine wise, and it's time to put this tired busted thing (and boy oh boy, is it tired and busted) to bed with GW3 hopefully sometime in the future. But until then, the next expansion pack will have to be enough to tide us over for that. Here's hoping it can fix the most egregious flaws in GW2 such as no Guild vs. Guild. (No GvG... In a Guild Wars game... >_>)

Project+ - Custom Characters/Rollback Netcode

For those who don't know, Project+ (formerly Project M) is a mod for Super Smash Bros. Brawl that makes it infinitely better. So much better in fact that I consider one of if not the absolute best fighting game to play now. And SSB was already very good. Now, Project M used to have support for custom characters, but when P+ came out, they had to break a few things to get others things to work. Nevertheless, custom characters are set to come out again with Project+ EX, and soon, we'll get the best version of Smash with full custom character support again. As to rollback, this is netcode that can GREATLY help with lag issues in fighting games. Unfortunately though, implementing this is not a small feat. SSB: Melee only got it because someone poured an absolute butt ton of their own hours into making it work for that game. As such, it is unknown if we will ever see it for P+, but there is an awful lot of talk about it, so the demand is there.

Halo MCC - Editor/Stripping Out Forced Microsoft Account Usage

So, here's what's confirmed. Full mod support for Halo: MCC in the vein of Halo: Custom Edition. They're supposedly focusing on this with all cylinders firing now, but time will tell. What isn't confirmed is if they'll finally give a way for players to bypass the STUPID AS FUCK AND INVASIVE Microsoft account creation for local play and custom games only. Or at very least, allow us to not have to enter a damn phone number in. With that said, if they're going to open up the game as much as I think they are, then it shouldn't take long for everyone to find out how to bypass the forced Microsoft account creation. I mean, technically, you can do that already with pirated editions of MCC, but it's kinda jank.

Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess - Randomizer

Sadly, unlike Ocarina of Time, TP is more linear, and thus, doesn't lend itself as well to Randomization. Or at least, not at first glance anyway. But a Randomizer is currently in development for this game, and they're also aiming to make the game more open. How they'll do this, I have no idea, but either way, I'm excited to see what they come up with when it's nearing completion.

KotOR 2 - KotOR 1 Port

Since KoTOR 2 shipped with full mod tools, this gives the ability for modders to port the first game into the second's engine. And the very good news is it's 99% complete. Ultimately, this isn't that big a deal at all and not something super high at all on my list of things to get hyped for, but nevertheless, the ability to play KotOR 1 seamlessly after KotOR 2 and with KotOR 2's enhancements and extras is kinda cool.
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