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Opening Up Donations + Migrating Away from Cloudflare


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Two big changes are coming to Sanctuary. So, as discussed in the chatbox, I've been convinced by my family that, at least for right now, I should start accepting donations for site advertising so the Sanctuary project can actually continue progressing again. Now, I'm a bit lost at the moment as to how to best implement this and maintain anonymity both for me and for donators, but I'll figure it out. I'll perhaps just open up an account on privacy.com and let people donate that way, but I'm definitely open to suggestions. Linked directly to this, anyone who donates gets to have final say on how those donations are used. As said before, the only line I'm going to draw is advertising Houseman's pedophilia thread and other similar content. Everything else though will be completely up to the donators.

Secondly, it has been brought to my attention from both @Vendor-Lazarus and digdeeper (https://unixsheikh.com/articles/stay-away-from-cloudflare.html) that Cloudflare is hindering much more than it's helping. After doing a bit of research and also consulting with @Angel, I'm inclined to believe them. So, we'll be using our host's standard DNS instead from now on. But what does this mean for you, the end user? Not much! Or at least, nothing super apparent. Perhaps one of the biggest things is that CF is no longer going to be party to who connects to and does what within Sanctuary. The other difference, client-side, will be that people can now upload to Sanctuary freely (should I allow it). And finally, (although I haven't had any trouble myself using my own VPN), you will not ever get harassed with annoying captchas due to using a VPN.

But with CF gone, does this mean we're going to be open to DDoSing? Actually no. Our host has fended off a LOT of DDoSing attempts in the past and have been generally amazing about it. I still put the site behind CF though because I didn't want to just lump all that responsibility onto them if I could help it. With that said though, at least under CF's free plan, we have been attacked with CF before and CF seemed to help very little. Now, it could be that at the time, I didn't configure or watch things properly, but I can't remember anymore. Anyway though, that's about it. As always, post any questions or feedback below.
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