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My Steam Summer Sale Load...


Sanctuary legend
I got Endless Space 2, and all the DLC, as part of starting my journey into 4X games.
I have been advised that the last DLC sucks, so I got some mods to make it better

The first tutorial game I lost because another empire reached the score threshold first.

I'm now doing a "real" game and there are all new mechanics, thanks to the DLC that wasn't active in the tutorial, and a new balance, thanks to all the mods. But it's all pretty intuitive. I dig the color-coded design for most things. Industry is orange, food is green, science is blue, etc, so you don't have to read everything, you can just click on the blue things if you want more science.

I think I might like it better than Stellarius, but I only have the base game of that.


Arch Disciple
A $2 DLC for The Banner Saga

Pretty disappointing sale
Everything seems to be cheaper on other storefronts or key sites
Take Kingdom Hearts Integrum Masterpiece as an example, just came out, $68 on Steam
With discount code, Green man gaming has it for $58.64

Only remotely interesting thing I found was Pyre going for $4
Solid game but I lost interest after the first loop

Historic lows seem to always be in the winter sale


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Sanctuary legend
Yeah, I'm not thrilled with my pull either, but I also own most of the games I want to own anyway. Whatever good sales are hiding out there, I probably am not seeing them because they are already in my library.