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Interest for another forum game?


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Been toying with an idea for a forum game, curious if anyone would be interested in playing it?
Still working out the story and finer details but here's what I've got so far:
  • It'll likely be using a modified version of DnD rules (still working the specifics out)
  • Combat will be turn-based. Non-combat actions (pretty much everything else) will be "real-time". So no turns, e.g. if someone doesn't respond for three days, their character will just stand round idly till they do respond whilst the world and everyone in it moves around them.
  • You will not be expected to play as a group. You can if you want but you will not be required. If two people want to form a group and everyone else forms their own, You can. If two want to form a group and everyone else goes solo, you can. Its entirely up to you to decide.
  • There will likely be multiple endings, depending on what plays out.
  • The idea or I guess "theme' is Freedom. Once you enter the world you are free to do as please. I'm attempting to plan for as many potential actions, but there will likely be a bit of improv because someone will likely do something I can't/didn't plan for.


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Think I saw this concept somewhere, they had a chat 24/7 open, you played whenever you felt like with whoever was online.
And they had separate channels for kinky and non kinky, albeit it was expected that everything was on the same timeline.
Sometimes the game was reset, as it was just easier than to try to fix all the mess the players did.

Dunno, if I was going to play, think I would go with this established group I met, but not feeling like doing it either way right now.


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I'm down but be very careful. Your approach to this could very quickly swamp you in DM work.


Not expected to be playing as a group and freedom is the theme.

How long before people realize that they aren't playing a forum game, rather they are actually just writing their own personal fan fiction in a virtual vacuum?

I get the appeal of a DnD like group in real life, where everyone present actually hears the story develop as it's told, but on a forum like this where, outside of battles, people can progress on their own without other people, where's the sense of cohesion as a group? Will it not just devolve into everyone having their own private 1 on 1 DnD session with a DM?

I have, for quite some time, been toying with the idea of a forum game played through an actual visual interface though, an RPG Maker-esque experience where people would be able to enter dungeons / fight and join turn based fights / maybe do a little advance wars' tactics battles.
But I haven't quite been able to nail down a solid, satisfying concept yet... mainly because I feel it would devolve into a substandard, shoe-string-budget, rickety, miniature MMO, and if people were to play online games, I figure that there'd be better alternatives around.