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How We'll Handle Overload in the Future


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As time goes by and we get bigger, it's inevitable that singular game nights will not be sufficient as there's too many people wanting to play. Should this happen, I feel the best, and in fact, only solution to this is to start paying for an always-online dedicated server that people can join whenever they like.

Donations for this will be welcome but otherwise, I won't expect them and I'll see what I can do.

For some games (mostly co-op in nature, like Borderlands), this won't work though, so we'll probably have to form set "squads". I'm open to suggestions on that front.


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The squad thing is only applicable if more than 4 people are playing, most coop games have an up to 4 players limit. Others like Killing Floor 1 and 2 allow for a lot more of people in a coop setting, so there are a variety of games we can go to in that vein if we ever wanna play coop stuff. But squads can be tried I guess.