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How to Bypass Deviantart's Lame Mature Filter


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Used to be where you could just put in your birthday and view the art. NOPE, not anymore. Now you have to sign in. 10/10 design.

Or do you... ?

Turns out after a little bit of investigating, I found a way to get past this without signing in or downloading anything. So, on the page where the filtered art is, just right-click anywhere on the page and click "View Page Source". Then do a quick Ctrl+F search for "backend". You should find two links. One to an XML file and one to a JSON file. They both have the final link we need though, but just click on the top one for now, and then copy the entire long URL inside the URL header of that file and paste it into your address bar. Boom, you got the image.

There's also an add-on you can download that will do the same thing for you, but I don't use Deviantart much at all, and I like to keep a minimum amount of add-ons.