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How does one record a thing improperly?


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I wanted to record some game play from my ps2 in the highest quality that was available on it, 480p in 60fps. Stereo sound, 48KHz.
Easy. Component cables and a change in the settings. Done.

Recording is where I fumble down a flight of stairs.

First mistake I do is search "game capture". Amazon is full of the same model under different brand names.
They all look real suspect in the disappointing purchase category. They all do different shit through different means and none in the way I need.
The majority require the input be through a HDMI cable. Others are tricky and just list 30fps with no one objecting otherwise. The highly recommended models both produce dark images and low volume. Something about the passthrough ports splitting the signal without amplification, degrading the strength and resulting in dim video. They all share OS crashing drivers. Lovely.

The only thing I'm affirmed of is that retro games are really hard to capture. 240p RGB costs like $600 to do. Bodes well.

End up finding this over priced POS
The drivers suck, doesn't do 60Hz and it costs way too much but it does 480p at 60fps with stereo sound so I add it to cart.

Then I read it. Someone who clearly knows their shit shares that they'll be using a OSSC with it for future captures. Okay, wtf is a OSSC.
Oh, okay. I appreciate the honesty though now I feel all my research was worthless.
I removed the contents from my cart and gave up.

The answer was properly.


Brother Sharp
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Well the only other option I can think about is using an emulator and capture the gameplay from that on your PC.