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God damn it, Todd


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We're really re-rereleasing skyrim?
We're really doing this?
I'd be less annoyed if the anniversary update was free for special edition owners, much like the special edition was, but I guess I'll need to buy it a fourth time now


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For fuck's sake, we don't need Skyrim: Even More Legendary Edition. And we certainly didn't need any more Creation Club cancer.

Those who currently own The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition on any platform (including via Xbox Game Pass) will gain access to three free pieces of Creation Club content; the Saints and Seducers quests, Survival Mode, and Fishing.

Those who own the special edition on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S (even those via Xbox Game Pass) will also be able to upgrade to the Anniversary Addition for free on November 11th (the same as the release date for Skyrim on those platforms).
Translation: Fuck you, PC players. Here's some fishing.

It's even more baffling too considering they have to justify this paid product against the MASSIVE ASS pile of free Skyrim mods PC players have access to.

I wonder if they're gonna add forced Microsoft account sign-in too.
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