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Full Moon


Sirens most of the time tip me off that it'll be a full moon.
Other times its people yelling at each other in the street over trivial shit, but more so.
Yesterday it was a guy trying to get his car started with his set of golf clubs outside flat on the side of the road while a guy walked by transporting his 3 bikes claiming to have been just hit by a car meanwhile on the other side of the street some geezer is loudly heckling walker bys while waiting for the bus.

I don't know why it happens but the lunatics just turn up like a summon.
Is being luney the norm? Should it be shunned or endorsed? Should one allow themselves to be swayed by the glow or resist it? Do we shelter or immerse?

I don't know
Don't like it
Sure is pretty though

People got to calm the fuck down


Staff member
I have never noticed this phenomenon. And I lived in Portland, the crazy town of the US. (Besides all of Florida.)

People who are gonna be crazy are gonna be crazy. Perhaps the full moon makes you more aware of your surroundings since you're aware enough to notice it.


Arch Disciple
Sanctuary legend
What Arnox said. It's a viewers bias. A full moon is seen as something special, so you take extra notice of happenings around that time.