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Foregone Transcendence: A Tribute to UT99


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I have waited long for this, but I am so happy to announce that I can now finally show you guys what I've commissioned. Also you guys will be among the first to see it. This is artwork commissioned from Araivis-Edelveys and it's a tribute to the 20th anniversary of UT99 (which Epic so wonderfully decided to ignore). As said before, this work is kinda late since the anniversary was in December of last year, but nevertheless, better now than never.

Happy anniversary, UT99. You were and are amazing.

I will leave this here for a week, and then I will start crossposting it to other sites.


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I wouldn't say they've forgotten, more like they are pretending it never existed. Epic doesn't even sell the old UT games in their own store, and the UT4 is an unfinished f2p game forgotten in a corner of the store. You want those games you get them on GoG or Steam, and there's actually no anniversary promotion or anything on either of them.

Nice art piece btw.