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Finally, a way to solve button height problems for KDE window themes...


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I have looked around and asked about this, but NOBODY it seems actually knows how to fix this. Basically, I found the perfect theme for my Linux install, but it has, or should I say, had this annoying issue of the button height being just one pixel's height too short when the window is maximized. Even worse, some other themes have this problem too. BUT NO MORE. We're also going to throw in an extra tweak to enable button animations when you hover over them. So, to restore the animations and fix the button height issues, go to /home/<yourusername>/.local/share/aurorae/themes/<yourthemehere>/ and open the <yourthemehere>rc file. Change “Animation” to equal 133 instead of 0, and then scroll to the bottom and change “TitleEdgeTopMaximized” from 1 to 0. After that, just log out and back in, and boom! Fixed.
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