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Do you keep installers or delete them?


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Why do games even need installers? Once I install, I delete the installer. You may object:

If you use Desktop/Start Menu, they automate the creation of shortcuts.
But I don't use these. No need for 100 "uninstall" and "readme" shortcuts.

If your system is fresh and hasn't the needed dependencies, they automate their install.
But I just keep a de-duplicated copy of common dependencies and install them all after a fresh operating system install. No need for 100 copies of DirectX 9 squatting my disks.

If you are modding your game and fear that you may break something and need to start over, you may be wise to keep the install.
But I use a version control system or incremental backups. No need to start from zero if I can start from the previous version.

If you are going to re-distribute a copy to your dumb friends, you need the installer.
But I don't make friendship with dumb people.

So, that is my take on it. What is yours?


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I'm almost the exact opposite. I think I may actually have install files from '95 and my first computer . Either on HDD or Floppy.

I manually create shortcuts, or often modify automatic ones, to my own "Games" and "Programs" shortcut folders. Almost never use Windows Start.

I usually only keep the last working version of program/game a backup copy, but having a "fresh install necessities" folder is handy.

You must not play with very many mods then. Or only mods that have a mod launcher, launching from zipped files.
Otherwise, you would know that keeping installs and version updates usually leaves a smaller storage footprint than actual uncompressed ones.

Your loss. That's also prejudging a hell of a lot. They're dumb because they don't already have that game/program?
You mustn't care much for preserving history, art and entertainment then?
What if you lost the game/program due to a HDD crash?
As I said..your loss.


I keep a a lot of GOG installers for my GOG Games.

The consequence is once I install them, they double to size of their Hardrive Space.

So I have 20 GB installer, if I install it, instead of 20 GB taking space, now its 40 GB.

The Price to pay for keeping games DRM Free I guess.


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I keep installers, purely because i'm too lazy to get rid of them. I might shift them to my laptop/ backup drives periodically, just to keep my downloads folder tidy, but I rarely delete them without having a copy somewhere


Just depends on the game
Stardew Valley is a package of cancer so that foo is only getting installed once - installer is deleted immediately
While the Defect in Slay the Spire is a fun robot mage its update came with a boss item drop nerf so I keep installers for before and after
Probably never gonna play through Child of Light for a fourth time but I still keep the installer around just in case
Stick of Truth got deleted as well as uninstalled upon completion when replay value was deemed nonexistent


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I only keep them around if procuring it was difficult in the first place. Since my Gaming PC broke nearly a year ago and I've been pretty console exclusive since, that means that I onky ever keep program installers around that aren't game related.