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Disney begins phasing out physical media down under


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And so and end to an era begins.
This doesn't come as any surprise to me at all, I completely understand why they'd do it from a financial perspective. Why let people pay once and watch a movie as many times as they want when you can hold the movie to a monthly ransom and milk them repeatedly.
Atleast until they remove it for no-reason at all, which happens all the time. Some times it comes back later, most times it doesn't.

I've seen this happening in brick and mortar stores too. The warehouse (our equivalent to Wallmart would be the best comparison) stopped selling all dvds, blu-rays and CDs back in 2021, though ironically you can still buy blu-ray/dvd players. That was a real shame, because you could get them dirt cheap there.

Oh well, looks i'm going to have to just import them from the good ol' USA and pay an arm-and-a-leg in shipping costs, great.


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If this is going to be a global trend, while predictable, this would be absolutely awful. This would pretty much guarantee that studios would NEVER see my money.


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Not surprised. These days no one has any interest in physical media. I some days get the urge to burn pirated films onto cd spools and hand them out at random on the street claiming that it is my mixtape. Not even pornography shops distribute old style disks and VHS tapes, very detrimental to my studies.

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