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Coffee Talk - A Gauche Review Production



3/10 - Not my cup of game

You input.
It outputs.
Was not entertained by any character in the least.
Story: You play as a barista. Strangers become regulars spilling their nonexistent lives on you.
Its revealed you're an alien that has control over space and time studying human interaction for science. Fascinating stuff.
Story: 0/10

The daily rag provides sub-plots of current happenings but almost all are irrelevant.

Lets see what others had to say:

Talking simulator is a stretch. There isn't a mic input and there is no typing.
The only decision making is drink preparation which you can choose to botch.

Also, there is no voiced audio so it doesn't even deliver the listening portion.
You just read, click and serve drinks.

Creating latte art is also an option but the tools provided only allowed me to make blurry lines.