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20 Games Before 2020 #2 Bioshock 2 (PS4)


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Ah, another nostalgia trip since I haven't played this since about the same time as the first game. I consider this my favorite of the series, just on the grounds that I enjoy this the one the most. I do feel like it lost its visual direction a little bit though because periodically I'd feel like it wasn't quite what I'd consider art deco. its kinda hard to explain what I mean but it just felt "off" at times. The atmosphere is still great though, Paupers drop feels like a slum, Persephone feels like a prison, the city itself felt like it had really deteriorated and I really liked the brief out side areas. I just thought it was neat to be out side even if its just a corridor for a few minutes.

I'm glad of some of the changes made and less so of some of the others. The most frustrating would be the auto aim, which I could not turn off. I found it just annoying when it would suddenly snap towards someone I wasn't shooting or would detect an enemy behind a wall or desk and pull in that direction. Give me an option to enable/disable rather than always on.
The ability to dual wield a plasmid and gun is much appreciated. The new guns were enjoyable, even if I did spend the majority of the early game just using the rivet gun. Shotgun felt less op but still satisfying to use. Sticking enemies with the spear gun was entertaining, especially with trap bolts, same goes for the rivet guns trap bolts. Was a little disappointed that sonic boom didn't return but the rest were still satisfying to use especially once you got the upgraded versions. Being able to turn into a human flamethrower whilst filling enemies with lead's a great feeling. Wasn't a big fan of the hacking mini game change, I preferred the pipe puzzle more than the needle thing, though the ability to hack from a distance was kinda neat even it made security systems almost redundant.
The little sister adoption was a nice change from just fighting a big daddy, thought it was kinda funny how they going from being upset to indifferent almost immediately when you adopt them. Also liked how they would occasionally say stuff whilst you had them on your back.

As for enemies, well they were basically the same. The thuggish and leadhead splicers felt squishy, whilst Houdini and brutes were just sponges. The rumbler big daddy is an interesting design even if I didn't find it particularly challenging to fight, especially if you hack its turrets. The big sisters are another design I really liked but they just felt like spongier versions of big daddies, whilst the alpha series big daddies just felt like under powered versions of the rosie variants.

Overall, aside from some minor issues, its still a great game. Easily my favorite in the series, and likely one of my all time favorites.
Also I was one trophy away from platinum (complete a hard play-trough), so I'll be doing a second play-through some time next year to grab it.

EDIT: just wanted to add that they changed the prompts for rescue/harvest. It was triangle for rescue and square for harvest in the first, but they reversed them in this one for some reason. Just thought it was an odd thing to change
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