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20 Games Before 2020 #1 Bioshock


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A quick explanation for what this is; Trying to beat 20 games before the year is over because I really need to clear my backlog out. Only "rule" is that I can't have previously beaten it unless its on a different platform, anything else is fine.

Game Number 1: Bioshock (PS4)

Replaying Bioshock was a rather nostalgic experience, since the last time I played it was back in high school and it was one of the first few games I played on my ps3, so I have fond memories of getting home and just playing it over the course of a week or so. For the most part the game was a lot like I remembered. Rapture is still one of my favorite locations in a game and likely always will be. Looking out the windows made me wonder what else is happening out there in the parts you don't explore. Is the rest of rapture this run down? Are some areas better than others? What other stories are happening out there? I did begin to wonder what would happen if someone else had stumbled on the lighthouse instead, would they take a random bathysphere that lead to who-knows-where? What would they think?

Gameplay wise, It felt the same albeit with stiffer controls than I remembered, though a quick adjustment of the sensitivity fixed this. Plasmids are still great fun to use, especially stuff like sonic boom or cyclone trap, even if they don't make much sense. How does rewriting my genes allowing me to shoot fire, electricity or insects out of my hands? If it was explained in an audio diary then I must've missed it. Injecting hypos is still an unpleasant animation given the aggressive stab that I imagine likely just hits bone. Guns were alright. The shotgun felt too op, and the chemical thrower felt kinda pointless, with the only time I used it being during the final fight. The rest were just fine. Not terrible, not great, just fine. Enemies were alright too. Big daddies still have a really cool design and make me wonder what the person inside the suit looks like, given their size and shape. Splicers are an interesting idea though the lack of actual plasmid wielding splicers was a little disappointing, even if the ones who do use them were annoying to fight. The rest just felt like cannon fodder, not really putting up much of a fight. The hacking sections were fun, even if it felt like the game was against you at times.

Overall it was a fun trip down memory lane, exploring a sinking city and injecting mysterious liquids into my body. Enjoyed it enough that I might try get the platinum at a later point.


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This reminds me I have a backlog of games across Steam and a couple other platforms that ha grown simply enormous. I think I need to finish like 70 games lol.


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BioShock 1 was my favorite one for sure. It also has the best combat in the series IMO and I love to sometimes break it out and just-for-fun speedrun it up to the Would You Kindly part. After that part, enemies really get bullet spongey, and there isn't anything else left to see after that anyway.

A word on the plasmids. BioShock 1 also is my favorite for these for sure. You can save hypos unlike Infinite and, although it's a small thing, alternating between plasmids and weapons means you can keep your plasmid-loaded hand up. It just looks so badass looking watching it idle. It's also tactically better too since it allows you to early cancel weapons like the grenade launcher and shotgun to greatly increase their firerate and cause some really nasty damage.

And finally, I don't care what you say. They should have kept that stabbing-your-wrist-with-EVE reload animation. It was satisfying and cool as fuck.