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  1. Gauche

    ikenfell - A Gauche Review Production

    "I am... so hetero.."/"I am... so gay.." - Left unfinished Combat is overall fairly bland. Having timed attacks/defense while lacking overworld preemptive strikes feels so very wrong - nintendo rpgs have ruined me Was hoping for a bestiary. The save file text makes note of one so maybe it...
  2. Gauche

    MTG Arena has a few issues

    My condolences The things one deals with to play a digital card game They're not the first to make an online card game with no trading Won't be the last either
  3. Gauche

    why does youtuber merch suck?

    Isn't like 95% of merch from internet famous folk just fan art slapped on a thing? The other 5% is commissioned/bought works. The remaining abyss is "My manager wants publicity" junk No one really starts a youtube/streaming with the goal to sell merch Really strikes me as an afterthought sort...
  4. Gauche

    PS5 is thicc

    Isn't the ssd built into the main board a real bad route to go? Looks to me you'll have to rely on external drives once the ssd portion dies out Should of just kept it simple with a dedicated port for drives
  5. Gauche

    Multimedia Collections - Physical vs Digital

    Physical Digital Share yer poison --- I'm been doing some media acquisition as of late. Looking up what highest quality format titles got, each variant of the release and looking up their prices to gauge whether its ultimately worth the buy/shelf space. After I check to see if its...
  6. Gauche

    What (I'm Hoping) Xbox Game Pass Is Going to Be

    Hope demos don't go the way of cheat codes
  7. Gauche

    General movie thread

    Gravity Had me saying "This fictional bitch is dead" on repeat to the end The Irishman Too fucking long Old man telling (yet not sharing) a story - gee wonder where this goes Who the fuck says candy? Nobody says fucking candy Uncut Gems Too much fucking cursing yet came out enjoying it I'm a...
  8. Gauche

    Nintendo ceases production of the 3DS

    I've wasted too many hours on the DS line Sad to see it go
  9. Gauche

    Xbox Series X retails at $499 - Releases November 10th, 2020

    Beats the PS3 retail price of $599 yet outdoes it via the installments May as well make a PC if paying $875 is the plan
  10. Gauche

    Coffee Talk - A Gauche Review Production

    The demo is available for free so you can check it out to see if its your kinda thing or not I'll have to give that a try
  11. Gauche

    Coffee Talk - A Gauche Review Production

    3/10 - Not my cup of game You input. It outputs. Was not entertained by any character in the least. Story: You play as a barista. Strangers become regulars spilling their nonexistent lives on you. Lets see what others had to say: Talking simulator is a stretch. There isn't a mic input and...
  12. Gauche

    Would you support a paid YouTube alternative?

    Isn't that just Vimeo? Even they will delete your videos regardless of $. They can even just delete your account entirely. Also, if you stop paying the videos get deleted too.
  13. Gauche

    Wild Card - ワイルドカード - Card Gallery

    スクウェア Akihiko Yoshida - 吉田 明彦 Kenji Ito - 伊藤 賢治