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  1. Battousai

    Halo Online on our server

    did 2 more short video of a couple of matches from Saturday.
  2. Battousai

    Halo Online on our server

    Doing some vids for our Halo server to promote the clan, here's the first vid, just a about a half hour gameplay session between me and Arnox and some randos we that joined us. Enjoy.
  3. Battousai

    What's with "The Classic Gaming Lounge"?

    Here we go, lets see how we do. Show me those games.
  4. Battousai

    News Regarding our UT2004 Server

    Well yeah, no one was really playing anymore these days, and that includes ourselves. No point in keeping it around for now.
  5. Battousai

    PS5 is thicc

  6. Battousai

    What kind of game rules would you like for the forum game?

    What we had last time was fine by me.
  7. Battousai

    Unpopular Gaming Opinions

    WHAT IS A MAN? A MISERABLE LITTLE PILE OF SECRETS, BUT ENOUGH TALK, HAVE AT YOU! that voice acting all over the game kills me everytime, its not a bad game at all and it was the game that popularized that stuff. But it gets put on a pedestal way too often because it was revolutionary at the time.
  8. Battousai

    Unpopular Gaming Opinions

    Your only real unpopular opinion here would be on The Last of Us, the game is more of a playable movie, and people really liked it because of the story and characters for the most part. On the following 3 points I doubt a lot of people would disagree, they are common complaints. For my part...
  9. Battousai

    7 Romances/Rom-Coms That Are Actually Worth Watching

    Wouldn't really call Scott Pilgrim a rom-com, given that I've read the comics that spawned that movie. It's more of a Canadian hispter fantasy, lol.
  10. Battousai

    Borderlands 3, more like Bored-erlands

    I had the opportunity to try the game out for 4 days last month, and yeah it's overall bland and the enemies are way too bullet spongy even when you are exploiting their weaknesses. I made it a bit over half the game up to the 4th planet and at that point I just stopped, the game did not have...
  11. Battousai

    4 Misunderstood Games That are Actually Good

    All of these games are good in their own right, and I wouldn't say they are misunderstood. A lot of the complaints are legitimate and some are just ranting for the sake of ranting because they would have liked a different game from what they got in the end. Ultimately a big part of the long...
  12. Battousai

    Why a Laptop is Better Than A Handheld Console

    I just realized something, do you people ever see anyone at all with a handheld console on the street ever? I've seen some kids in restaurants or a hotel maybe, sure they have them to keep themselves distracted. These are children however, actual adults with lives though in regular public places...
  13. Battousai

    The 4 Reasons Why Twitter Has Failed

    You guys use Twitter though? I never felt attracted to that thing honestly, and every year that passed it turned more and more into a shit show. I made a single twitter account with an alt email I got just so I could use it to get free games when the thing would require you to promote something...
  14. Battousai

    Would you support a paid YouTube alternative?

    Because it is not a solution at all, you are just adding a cost to people who are creating content and a cost to people just looking for something to watch. This is not a streaming service where you are looking at licensed films or series or in house productions where a cost to the content is...
  15. Battousai

    Would you support a paid YouTube alternative?

    Not a sustainable model, if the creators have to pay to use it they simply won't because its costly and counterproductive. Not to mention that if the video hoster starts deleting content over every little dumb thing that they consider a breach of rules because of stuff like copyright because a...
  16. Battousai

    Mutazione - A Gauche Review Production

    It was ok, I got it for free from Epic, but there's 0 replayability after you do it one time anyway. It's artsy and maybe a bit cute and they try to make it all very emotional. It's a one time thing and then you never go back.
  17. Battousai

    Attack on Titan Review (or The Difference Between Violent, Dark, and Morbid)

    Don't really remember the chapter, but it was a bit after the whole titan backstory was explained, it started getting kinda mystical. I kept reading for a while but then I lost interest, it wasn't bad but I just didn't enjoy reading it anymore.
  18. Battousai

    Attack on Titan Review (or The Difference Between Violent, Dark, and Morbid)

    I got pretty far with the manga a few years back, stuff just got really weird and I lost interest. The animation has it's moments of course, some people are madly in love with it. Personally I was not interested in watching the anime.
  19. Battousai

    Official Meetup and Suggestions Thread #1

    Q1: All fine by me Q2: Offline if you actually want the people with pirated versions to be able to play, otherwise I don't mind. Q3: An actual working teleporter is something I'd like to have, this work nicely if you don't have admin. Otherwise idk about other MC mods. Q4:I like it when its...
  20. Battousai

    RUMOR: George Lucas to Come Back to Star Wars

    The expanded universe is where it's at anyway with all its different possibilities in the media spectrum. No more need for more main saga episodes, people would complain even if the movie was a cinematic masterpiece. Also bringing back Lucas would solve nothing, you only have to go back to...
  21. Battousai

    Killzone: Shadow Fall - Video edition

    It was in general terms what almost every game that launches with a system is , barring the few exceptions that happen from time to time, an extremely average game with nothing worth remembering.
  22. Battousai

    Do you experience gaming burn-out?

    Not really, I play something almost every day. What I do get is tired of playing a single game repeatedly, so I take a break from it and play something else until I want to return to finish it. This of course applies mainly to single player games after I've been playing them for a while, but I...
  23. Battousai

    Game contests/competitions coming up!

    Here we go boys
  24. Battousai

    Sony confirms ps5 launch date and seem to be really proud of the dualshock 5

    As long as people keep buying the game they have a reason to keep publishing it, same as Skyrim. In GTA's case its the online component that's kept it alive so long.