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  1. Gauche

    Nintendo ceases production of the 3DS

    I've wasted too many hours on the DS line Sad to see it go
  2. Gauche

    Xbox Series X retails at $499 - Releases November 10th, 2020

    Beats the PS3 retail price of $599 yet outdoes it via the installments May as well make a PC if paying $875 is the plan
  3. Gauche

    Coffee Talk - A Gauche Review Production

    3/10 - Not my cup of game You input. It outputs. Was not entertained by any character in the least. Story: You play as a barista. Strangers become regulars spilling their nonexistent lives on you. Lets see what others had to say: Talking simulator is a stretch. There isn't a mic input and...
  4. Gauche

    Wild Card - ワイルドカード - Card Gallery

  5. Gauche

    Mutazione - A Gauche Review Production

    0/10 - Fuck this game Gameplay - Wank off a bunch of plants for peeps Story - Wank off a bunch of plants for peeps and get high with grandpa [/spoiler] Replayability - DELETES YOUR DATA AT STORY COMPLETION These sick fucks need to prune themselves from life. Lets see what others had to say...
  6. Gauche

    Raging Loop - A Gauche Review Production

    0/10 - Fuck this game The premise for this visual novel is a real life game of Werewolf/Mafia in some remote mountain village of Japan with a slight twist. The protagonist "loops" back to the beginning after dying Groundhog Day style. Meet the players: Legends say that the gods of the...
  7. Gauche

    GUI tweaks - Share some you use

    I've used Iconoid for years now to hide desktop icons after 5 seconds of inactivity. I also use something else to remove the arrows from shortcut icons on windows. Same thing also removes the windows logo from the start menu. Back in XP I used something off deviantart (man do I miss when...
  8. Gauche

    Eternal Destiny - Card Gallery (424 MB)

    edit: unfucked it
  9. Gauche

    How does one record a thing improperly?

    I wanted to record some game play from my ps2 in the highest quality that was available on it, 480p in 60fps. Stereo sound, 48KHz. Easy. Component cables and a change in the settings. Done. Recording is where I fumble down a flight of stairs. First mistake I do is search "game capture". Amazon...
  10. Gauche

    Z/X Zillions of Enemy X: Zekkai no Crusade - Z/X 絶界の聖戦 - A Critical Review

    Didn't understand a thing 10/10
  11. Gauche

    Pay ode to character

    This mother fucker Armed with a great sword in one hand and a crossbow in the other Relentlessly tanking fire breath for 13 damage May you slay that lizard yet geezer
  12. Gauche

    You as a monster girl! - Generate a fiction

  13. Gauche


    A modern card game that focuses on a story. You play as the new kid on her first day of school. You make friends and save the world over the course of a week. That be it. There is no free duel or local/online multiplayer. The newest craze at school is Power Pets, a card game based on the...
  14. Gauche

    SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters DS - Card Gallery

  15. Gauche


    Maybe I'm just behind with the times but NoPayStation is a thing that exists. Apparently it lets you download games directly from Sony's servers. Download a program, set up some settings and you have a list of 8300+ Playstation games available to grab on their dime. Why hasn't someone...
  16. Gauche

    Monopoly - Sign ups

    I invite you all to play a friendly game of Monopoly Da rulz Pick your Token (feel free to make your own 64x64) Player list: 1. Gauche - Hat - 8 2. gaijinkaiju - Ship 3. 4. --- We'll be using the chat for dice rolls. Please join the dice rolling room and enable bot messages. Roll for...
  17. Gauche

    Don't shit your pants

  18. Gauche

    "Games as a service" is fraud.

    --- A well researched video. Hope something comes of it.
  19. Gauche

    Marvel Trading Card Game - Card Gallery (~235 MB)

  20. Gauche

    Google LLC - Rely on the algorithm

    Google LLC has been rather shit as of late. Making this thread to document the dumbs. Near the end of February 2019 Youtube removed the 144p 3gp format from being accessible - a feature that has existed since the inception of Youtube as it was the smallest file size to stream. At the beginning...
  21. Gauche

    Warhammer: Battle for Atluma - Card Gallery (~90 MB)

    Azyrneth's Skullreavers Bilith's Madmen Bull Lords of Pain D'aggorn's Deathblades Gibbering Hordes Herd of Skulkkoth Skulkkoth the Defiler Styrkaar's Chariot of Sisters Raaghra the Culler Fell Sisters of Clar Karond Ha'asek's Knights of Terror Menghil's Mankillers...
  22. Gauche

    Metal Gear Acid - Card List

    No. 001 Name SOCOM Cost 5 CTGR WPN Pack MGS1 Information ATK:10 HIT:90% CAL45x4 Silenced;Adds Fall Card Details Handgun: USE type ATK:10 HIT:90% Ammo:CAL45X4 HIT % decrease at: 2 blocks Notes: Suppressor equipped (silenced); Knocks target down. U.S. Special Operations Command...
  23. Gauche

    Monster Monpiece - Card Gallery & CGs (~270 MB)

    --- Red Dragon Orochi Qinglong Ouroboros Wyvern Lamia Tiamat Naga Basilisk Sea Serpent Hydra Fafnir Ladon Bahamut Huanglong Goblin