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  1. Arnox

    Report on the Offline Capabilities of Halo: MCC for PC (UPDATED)

    Bump for second update. Just a long overdue confirmation of the first update. All accounts made in MCC on the PC will always force you to enter a phone number after a certain amount of time has passed. I've since refunded the game.
  2. Arnox

    Best Emulators as of 2020 + Game Console Timeline

    This list will only take into account the more notable consoles of each generation. It includes handhelds. The most optimal emulators listed below for each console have all been chosen from this amazing list. Most of the emulators listed are also available as a core for RetroArch, which means...
  3. Arnox

    The Real Reason for the Mass Ban Wave

    Let them fight.
  4. Arnox

    The Real Reason for the Mass Ban Wave

    Specifically on Reddit, Youtube, and Twitter. https://www.businessinsider.com/companies-no-longer-advertising-on-facebook-after-poor-speech-moderation-2020-6 This isn't so much "the left infiltrating big tech" so much as it is big tech scampering to obey their advertising overlords. This is...
  5. Arnox

    GUI tweaks - Share some you use

    Classic Shell if you use Windows 8.1 (and you should be). It's pretty much non-negotiable. And while you're at it, be a full Windows gangster and use the original Windows 7 orb for the start button graphics and animation found here. Move your Recycle Bin to your taskbar. (Yes, you can still...
  6. Arnox

    Mr. Robot: A Well-Written Study in Pointless Cynicism

    Well, yeah, if you wanna only look at the dark side of history. There have been many triumphs in morality as well. Times where humanity has said, not just singularly, but collectively that we're not gonna take this shit lying down. And sure, some actions of the past have been misguided, but...
  7. Arnox

    Mr. Robot: A Well-Written Study in Pointless Cynicism

    As people here know, I can be a serious fan of shows and movies that tackle the darker side of life. Black Lagoon, The Dark Knight, Fury, John Wick... But that was actually not why I was originally drawn to Mr. Robot. I'd heard many times that it had incredible accuracy in the Computer Science...
  8. Arnox

    Do you experience gaming burn-out?

    I'm starting to get a bit of it.
  9. Arnox

    Sanctuary Update - 6/22/2020

    Changes: - Unregistered users may now submit threads and posts. - All threads and posts by unregistered users must go through admin/moderator approval first before they will be displayed. Removals: - N/A Additions: - N/A Notes: Hoo boy, this is a fun but huge change that I wanted to try out...
  10. Arnox

    Rune Classic and/or Nox?

    Alright, but you'd have to host. I have Rune Classic, so I can play that.
  11. Arnox

    Sanctuary Update - 6/20/2020

    Gone... Reduced to atoms...
  12. Arnox

    Sanctuary Update - 6/20/2020

    Changes: - N/A Removals: - Removed "Highest reaction score" member statistic from the Members tab. - Removed "Most points" member statistic from the Members tab. - Removed "Most resources" member statistic from the Members tab. - Removed "Most media items" member statistic from the Members tab...
  13. Arnox

    Game contests/competitions coming up!

    1st prize will probably be $20 routed via PayPal. Maybe more.
  14. Arnox

    Game contests/competitions coming up!

    Won't be for a while since I need to wait for my next check in July for the prize money, but we'll do some fun stuff and advertise it publicly. I have a few ideas already for the contests, but I'm also going to be taking some ideas here! We can also have another forum game as well. It doesn't...
  15. Arnox

    Some big changes for the clan/site upcoming...

    You know you're my bae, Monkee. BTW, FAQ's been updated.
  16. Arnox

    Some big changes for the clan/site upcoming...

    Basically, anyone that's stuck with us through all our nonsense up to this point gets the title. In that regard, Gauche is the only one that didn't want it as he doesn't like titles in general. You did come in later than most of the others who have the title, but still, I think you qualify. I'll...
  17. Arnox

    Linux Gains Even More of A Foothold in Gaming

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6T_-HMkgxt0 This is awesome to see. And it also means if Microsoft continues to dick around with Windows 10 and refuses to give what professional users want, then it's gonna start seeing some huge competition in the future here. I imagine it will start when...
  18. Arnox

    Some big changes for the clan/site upcoming...

    As we grow, we may start making a distinction again between who's a member and who's not, but right now, I really don't see any point.
  19. Arnox

    Aight, I'm heading out, Imgur...

    Pretty much. Only reason I went there is because droves of people use it. Now even that's not enough to keep me there.
  20. Arnox

    Some big changes for the clan/site upcoming...

    One of the big ones is that we won't be recognizing actual clan members anymore. Or at least not for some time. It just makes no sense right now to draw a distinction between who's a clan member and who is not. What does it even mean right now? As such, the clan member title will be...
  21. Arnox

    Aight, I'm heading out, Imgur...

    The straw that broke my thin vestige of patience with this site: https://imgur.com/gallery/xXSo9p8 Comment section is a complete fucking cringe fest. And I'm out. I have no idea where I'm gonna post next but it sure as fuck isn't gonna be Imgur anymore. I'm personally surprised that I put up...
  22. Arnox

    Sony confirms ps5 launch date and seem to be really proud of the dualshock 5

    GTA V becoming the next Skyrim.
  23. Arnox

    Sanctuary Update - 6/11/2020

    Hate making accounts on a site. XD I'll see what I can do though.