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  1. Arnox

    Should we even schedule game nights from now on... ?

    Or just have them purely as we feel like it? It seems like every time I try to schedule something, there's always stuff in the way, so nowadays I just do it whenever I see someone online on Steam, but I feel like when I do that, some people here are missing out.
  2. Arnox

    Sanctuary Clan Will Be Switching From GMod to Unreal T.

    Not sure if it's gonna be '99 or 2004 yet. Reasons for the switch though are as follow: 1. The entire prop system (when doing multiplayer) is jank as FUCK. It barely works, and when it doesn't, it really doesn't. I had to get a plugin just to avoid server crashes and rampant CPU...
  3. Arnox

    Looking Through The Digital Attic - A Dump of Some of My Old Stuff

    I've been collecting digital things for a very long time now. Sadly I don't have every single thing I collected over the past 15+ years, but I do have an awful lot. Maybe you all will get a kick out of this too along with a few moments of cringe. Don't judge me. I was a dumb teenager for a lot...
  4. Arnox

    Minecraft Speedrunner vs. Asssassin

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZfeNh8E3O4c Nice little appetizer to when we actually do start playing Minecraft next month. lol
  5. Arnox

    If there was a "Windows PC Mini Console" released...

    What games would we see on it? Kind of a dumb topic, but it did make me curious. From the DOS days to now, what were the most popular and influential games for the PC? In keeping with mini console tradition, let's say we only have 25 slots on our console. Note though that this is not a "Your 25...
  6. Arnox

    Sanctuary Update - 4/16/2020

    Changes: - N/A Removals: - N/A Additions: - Added a new GMod server listing and admin control panel for it in the "Server list" section. Notes: When signed into the GMod admin interface, when it asks for a type, just specify "cmd" without quotes. Then, of course, type in the desired RCON...
  7. Arnox

    What would a sci-fi utopia (that isn't Star Trek) look like?

    Or even simply, what if we had a world where corporations were appropriately reigned the fuck in?
  8. Arnox

    Expired Garry's Mod

    FINALLY got the server we need and got it set up for our purposes. I also took a while to fully familiarize myself with how administration is done exactly so I can train others in how to admin it as well. All server moderators will get the RCON password. RCON will give the ability to issue any...
  9. Arnox

    Bernie Sanders Drops Out of Presidential Race

    https://www.cnbc.com/2020/04/08/bernie-sanders-drops-out-of-2020-democratic-presidential-primary.html Seriously, the democrats are just as corrupt as republicans. I said it a thousand times before and I'll say it again. Vote third party, regardless of whether you think they're gonna win or not.
  10. Arnox

    Expired Minecraft

    Even if you're not actually going to build anything, join anyway. It's been way too long since we've just gotten together and talked. NOTE THAT THE TIME ZONE LISTED IS NOW MOUNTAIN STANDARD TIME. NOT PACIFIC TIME.
  11. Arnox

    JKA PC Players Find Out How to Join Nin. Switch Games, Hilarity Ensues

    https://gizmodo.com/veteran-jedi-academy-pc-players-are-joining-online-cons-1842568296 https://www.resetera.com/threads/jedi-academy-console-rerelease-seemingly-has-unintentional-cross-play-with-pc-users.177788/page-2
  12. Arnox

    We're stepping up our game!

    And one of the first things we here at Sanctuary really wanted to do but never got around to is to really make our forums "pop". And in light of this awful Corona virus scare, we really wanted to brighten our users day and give them a sense of pride and accomplishment! So, we completely redid...
  13. Arnox

    Especially relevant nowadays...

  14. Arnox

    FPS Overall Weapons Design

    After rewatching this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RhrgU-6CB0w and thinking about the next iteration of Serious Sam, which has actually been on my mind for a while since Doom Eternal came out, it really got me to thinking about the general theory behind the progression of weapons in FPS'...
  15. Arnox

    Some good game remixes...

    Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Labratory Level: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UY-T6I0PxZs The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Spirit Temple Requiem of Spirit (Metalized): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xKQ8wfuzUG0 Doom II Shawn's got the Shotgun - Remastered...
  16. Arnox

    "Ocarina of Time is overrated... "

    I just wanna post what I wrote in reply to someone just now. User: Ocarina of Time is overrated and Hollow Knight is better. Change my mind. Me: Oh boy oh boy, you're gonna get it. When OoT first came out, there was NOTHING like it. Not even the other Zelda games were that much help. The...
  17. Arnox

    Fun Movie Facts :)

    - In The Dark Knight, when they flip the semi-truck, they had to take breaks between each take because the cave troll underneath who was lifting the truck was getting tired. - There's a hidden deleted scene in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows where Ron confesses that he was gay all along...
  18. Arnox

    How to Bypass Deviantart's Lame Mature Filter

    Used to be where you could just put in your birthday and view the art. NOPE, not anymore. Now you have to sign in. 10/10 design. Or do you... ? Turns out after a little bit of investigating, I found a way to get past this without signing in or downloading anything. So, on the page where the...
  19. Arnox

    You actually don't want jobs to stop...

    In light of the recent Corona Virus fiasco, I've heard it said many many times that jobs should also allow employees to just not show up to work, but this would be awful. Like it or not, in order for this country to run, people need to work. You may want time off but what about the...
  20. Arnox

    In defense of Brutal Doom/Project Brutality...

    I don't know why this mod gets so much hate nowadays. This thread was spurred on by Yahtzee's retrospective review of Doom this week and his comment about the mod being made by some coked up kid got to me a bit. Now, one thing is true. The original creator of Brutal Doom isn't exactly the most...
  21. Arnox

    Images in Chat have been enabled. (For now...)

    In the past, I've disabled the img BBCode in the chat due to the potential for nasty kinds of spam, but since our user count is small and I keep a close eye on any newly registered members, I've decided, fuck it. Once we get more users, I will re-disable images in the chat since it is kinda open...
  22. Arnox

    What would be some actually cool innovations for smartphones?

    Sorry, one more phone thread. The top-of-the-line smartphones used to be about having the best of all kinds of phones. Or at least as much as they could. Now you're just paying for the specs and nothing more. This is different from my last thread in that the features we talked about before were...
  23. Arnox

    Foregone Transcendence: A Tribute to UT99

    I have waited long for this, but I am so happy to announce that I can now finally show you guys what I've commissioned. Also you guys will be among the first to see it. This is artwork commissioned from Araivis-Edelveys and it's a tribute to the 20th anniversary of UT99 (which Epic so...
  24. Arnox

    Return of the LinuXP: The Search for Another Distro

    Thought I forgot about this project, eh? Nope. So, after the initial tests for Linux Mint, I wondered if there might perhaps be another distro I overlooked. LM was a pretty good choice, but it also had its issues. Thing is though, I wonder if they were actually caused by the distro versus the...
  25. Arnox

    Banjo-Kazooie: A Short Review (And HD Pictures!)

    I decided to revisit this game recently. (Tooie will be next.) Actually, I started this game like two or three weeks ago and am now just finishing it because welcome to college. But yes, I was actually kinda worried about replaying this as I didn't know if it would hold up. In my surprise, it...