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  1. Battousai

    God of War: Ascension - I want my 9 hours back

    I remember this game, the main attraction was the multiplayer in fact, since it was the first and only time the GoW series had multiplayer. Not a bad game but after GoW 3 the main games were done really done so it was pretty much unnecesary to go telling a prequel story. Plus they had already...
  2. Battousai

    Expired Jedi Academy/Site Meetup

    Knock yourself out https://drive.google.com/open?id=1E95rrT7Bgu_p6PTY7mE3Amp8aMFwq0Sl
  3. Battousai

    My gaming channel

    Right so I've been uploading like mad into my channel again since I've gotten hooked into Remnant, and I plan to upload again frequently from several other games including TF2 for my MvM playthroughs and recordings of Halo Online matches among other things. Have a look if you wish...
  4. Battousai

    Remnant is pretty fun

    None of this is meant to be realistic at all, we are basically travelling through an alternate dimension to get to different worlds and fight strange creatures with weapons crafted out of the remains of monstrous bosses. Given the scope of that I can absolutely believe my player character can...
  5. Battousai

    Apparently "gaming phones" are a thing now..

    Looks like a really nice portable console, but as a phone it seems a bit big and unwieldy. Texting might be fine on this but a phone call might be uncomfortable.
  6. Battousai

    Remnant is pretty fun

    I think I'm having way too much with this, have a look at my latest boss fight, big guy is called The Harrow.
  7. Battousai

    Why are past Windows editions so expensive?

    Well that's a whole other issue they can use to increase the price right there, nostalgia. If people are that eager to buy Windows Vista for old times sake or something of the sort, they might be willing to pay higher prices. Anyone selling could try a high price first and see if someone buys...
  8. Battousai

    Why are past Windows editions so expensive?

    Supply and demand, Microsoft does not sell those outdated products anymore, they have made it clear they intend for everyone to switch to Win 10 . Hence the lower availability of the products increases the demand for them which in turn increases the price.
  9. Battousai

    Apparently "gaming phones" are a thing now..

    that legit looks like a PSP but with extra steps, I'm gonna go out on a limb here and assume that thing didn't have the proper processing power for both phone and handheld console functionality. At least not proper enough.
  10. Battousai

    Apparently "gaming phones" are a thing now..

    Now? Has everyone forgotten about the Nokia N-gage already? A gaming phone is not a new thing, but its proven to be not viable as a a gaming device since smartphones lack the processing power to run games properly along with every single other feature that phones already have these days. Its...
  11. Battousai

    Remnant: From the Ashes

    This game and Gears 5 are completely different anyway. I might get Gears 5 myself at a later date since its available on Steam, but the starting price is too high, so maybe later on a sale.
  12. Battousai

    Remnant: From the Ashes

    Oi, this game turned out to be pretty great, if someone gets it lets play some coop. Always best with friends.
  13. Battousai

    SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters DS - Card Gallery

    I'd rather play this honestly.
  14. Battousai

    An Explanation of Why I've Been Gone

    Don't lie to me, you have been no lifing JKA again. Search your feelings, you know it to be true.
  15. Battousai

    Resistance: Fall of Man - A review attempt

    Oh this game, I never understood how they managed to make 3 of them though. It wasn't a bad franchise but it was for all intents and purposes average on all fronts. I guess a lot of people did like it because the online servers for the game were kept up until 2014 along with those of the the 2...
  16. Battousai

    Expired Halo Online (Deck 16 2: Electric Boogaloo)

    I got to play in the end, so yay.
  17. Battousai

    Expired Halo Online (Deck 16 2: Electric Boogaloo)

    Well that gonna be at 11 PM here so I probably won't make it since I get out of work at 1 AM at earliest. Maybe next time
  18. Battousai

    PC Problem

    Sounds more like the problem is in the transmission from the PC to the monitor, doesn't mean your gpu is broken, might be just that the cable is a bit wonky and needs a replacement. I'm using an older HDMI cable for my PC for example and sometimes when I'm gaming or surfing the web it will make...
  19. Battousai

    Brazilian Speed-runner Exposed as a Cheater. Goes on Harassment Spree and Tries to Take-down Critiques

    Brazilian players are some of the worst people I've met online honestly, and given that I am forced to play on Brazilian, Chilean, and Peruvian Valve servers when I'm on TF2 it has given me no love for them in general. Although to be perfectly honest, a lot of south american players are trash in...
  20. Battousai

    Expired Borderlands 1: Enhanced Edition

    I'll try but, by the time it seems I might not make given that I work until later on Fridays, shame if I don't make it though I do wanna play.
  21. Battousai

    My Steam Summer Sale Load...

    Update: I have also bought Wolfenstein The New Order, Wolfenstein The Old Blood, and Divinity 2
  22. Battousai

    Expired Guild Wars OG

    As a rule I simply cannot do weekends on an hour where everyone is on, I get back from work at like 3 am at the earliest on those days. While I do get on to play a couple of hours after I get back its usually an SP game since its basically the graveyard shift for everyone at that point.
  23. Battousai

    Top 10 Hidden Steam Gems (As of 2019)

    I got this one for you, since I have that Shadow Warrior version that comes with it, this is Viscera Cleanup Detail. This game simply put is about you being a janitor is space, the physics are so so broken sometimes and the game tends to glitch out in some places but its hilarious by what you...
  24. Battousai

    Expired Guild Wars OG

    Yeah sorry, but I work late at night all the way through Sunday. Won't be free until Monday.
  25. Battousai

    My Steam Summer Sale Load...

    I never had Grim Dawn, had it on my wishlist though, perhaps you saw that. As for Katana Zero, although it is a good game and has an epic soundtrack, I found that I simply got bored with it. Nothing bad with the game itself I just didn't feel like going on. Bloodstained is indeed on my wishlist...