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  1. Samtemdo8


    Today a youtuber named Filmento has upload a video essay/move critque comparing Batman v Superman and Captain America Civil War....in 2019. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4JwDrr-_B8 Not only that, but another Youtuber by the name of Organized Chaos has uploaded a video about this exact same...
  2. Samtemdo8

    That moment when a Youtuber finally speaks my language.

    So here it is Arnox, I made a thread about it. (Even though I tried to make a thread based on a ramble) Because these 2 videos perfectly encapsulate why I hate the current tonal direction of modern Superhero movies or just things in general. And I get lambasted for being a overly serious...
  3. Samtemdo8

    Can anyone find and link this porn movie.

    There is this porn movie that I haven't seen in ages. Its porn parody movie called Areola 51: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1307865/ But I cannot find it anywhere on the internet unless I pirate it in some obscure and skectchy as fuck website. The movie is basically a lady got ubducted by...
  4. Samtemdo8

    Is it wrong or fair for me to say this?

    Is it wrong for me to say that when I hear other people say "if you like the game/movie/etc. that I don't like that's fine" is pretty much a sugercoated, thinly veiled way of saying: "FUCK YOU YOU DEGENERATE SUBHUMAN SHIT, YOUR TASTES AND OPINION ARE OBJECTIVELY WRONG, EVIL, AND DECEDENT AND...
  5. Samtemdo8

    I am gonna play the national borders game.

    I believe these National Borders should be as follows. Pakistan and Sri Lanka should remerge with India. Taiwan should rejoin China. 2 halves of Swistzerland, Belgium and Netherlands should rejoin both France and Germany on each side based on langauge. Austria, and Czech Republic should...
  6. Samtemdo8

    I think I found the one character that hasn't been "pornofied" by the internet.

    You know the old saying "Rule 34: if it exists, there is a porn of it" well I think I found the one thing that exists that is not pornofied by Rule 34 or anything I see so far. Meet Queen Antonia Bayle from the Everquest games: And yeah, she looks lovely, and she's not some random NPC in the...
  7. Samtemdo8

    What happened?

    What have you done to this forum? Why did you change it, who asked for this forum to be changed? Now I gotta relearn how everything works again. Goddamn it what was wrong with the old one!?
  8. Samtemdo8

    So I just watch Caligula 1979 with Malcolm McDowell.

    And let me tell ya, I always found porn in the 1980s and earlier to be ugly. I mean I don't know why but I feel people today are way more good looking then people in the 70s and under. Especially the women. The women here have small tits and bushy pussy, yuck. I think at the very least the 80s...
  9. Samtemdo8

    My idea for a Space Sci Fi Epic.

    For the sake of Monochrome, I will do it here. So my inspiration for my Space War epic comes from this soundtrack to Gundam Seed, an anime may I remind you I have not seen at all, but I am certain it will overlap in elements more or less. For my story to make any sense ideally if I was animator...
  10. Samtemdo8

    I feel Konami is "SLOWLY" trying to redeem themselves.

    From what I have seen from Konami after the fallout with Kojima I feel right now they are slowly trying to redeem themselves in small ways. By this year alone we have seen them do this: Allows Metal Gear and Castelvania content for the upcoming Smash Bros. game with Snake and the Belmonts as...
  11. Samtemdo8

    Imagine this idea for a Sci Fi story?

    You are all aware that one aspect of Science Fiction stories we see is the idea of making robot constructs that look so human that its almost indistinguishable from the real thing, hence androids or replicants in like in Blade Runner. But has this ever been considered when it comes to androids...
  12. Samtemdo8

    Is it wrong to refer to "Western Civilization" as the "Protagonist" of History?

    Western Civilization meaning from Ancient Greece, then Rome, then all of Europe Christianized, then Medieval Europe, then the Major European Empires, then the United States. Because I feel there is indeed a bias in favor of "Western Civilization" being seen as the "Protagonist" in World...
  13. Samtemdo8

    New Teen Titans got Grimdark as fuck.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d6rWiM1BQ5E Honestly I have mixed feelings and let me list it in Random Order: 1. Holy shit Robin kills dudes, and people were saying Batman was too murdery in Batman v Superman. 2. The trailer music is gay as fuck, totally incongruent with the overall tone and...
  14. Samtemdo8

    Americans, does this video make you laugh now?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gN2Rq6JGVsk Because instead of Democracy, I see it now as "HYPOCRACY IN THE USA, HYPOCRACY, OH YEAH!!!"
  15. Samtemdo8

    War, am I too in love with it, even though I get its horrible?

    I have two sides of myself when it comes to how I see war and battle. Sometimes I enjoy seeing it, to see the glory in battle and honor in combat, but than I see the sadness, the depression, the stress, the horror. Let me sum up how I see war by acting it out: "MEN! THIS DAY WILL BE THE...
  16. Samtemdo8

    Is there anyway I can get Battlefield 2 for free to download and install?

    Because with the recent Battlefield V reveal leaving a bit of a sour taste in my mouth. I rather go back to the past thank you. Any links to sites (with no viruses and malware mind you) that offers BF2?
  17. Samtemdo8

    I get it now, I get Shakespeare now.

    Honestly schools and teachers who tries to teach me about Shakespeare and Shakespearean story telling. All you had to do was show me this Animated series: Richard III https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eG5gqA6cxBM Hamlet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OtNMjZoZNbM Julius Caesar...