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  1. Chimpzy

    Greetings to everyone from The Escapist!

    That was the story that went around at the time, based on the scant comments made by Nick, possibly in error since you contacting him on fb after the ban does make more sense. And what I believe is of little import.
  2. Chimpzy

    Greetings to everyone from The Escapist!

    I somewhat recall either Jojo or Topaz confirming it somewhere, but I can't seem to find that post, so I could be misremembering. Tho as you said, Nick's comments are vague on which way things went down, you might be right about the facebook thing happening after the ban. It does make more sense.
  3. Chimpzy

    Greetings to everyone from The Escapist!

    Don't know. He'd already gotten a few warnings for insulting people, and the whole thing about responding to people's post he didn't like by liking them with the "lol" emoji, which only ended when that functionality got taken away, for everyone. He'd probably had his share of run-ins with Nick...
  4. Chimpzy

    Greetings to everyone from The Escapist!

    Ah, account works. Bit dusty, but still good. First version of Into Sanctuary. Tho you're right, alt-right is not the correct assessment. More like obnoxiously shitposty. Lots of going on and on about the n-words, and the jews, and the queers. Or was it? Don't remember it looking like this. I...
  5. Chimpzy

    Computerworld complains that Windows 7 won't support Pentium III's

    My favorite part is this (emphasis mine): Win 7 runs on a processor released in 2017 and that people are likely to be using right now. Incomprehensible. You know, there's these enthusiasts that keep their ancient 486s running MSDOS around, because there's plenty old software that is an utter...
  6. Chimpzy

    While we're discussing D&D... Pick your top three tier 9 spells.

    Man, you've already got all of the really good general use ones (that aren't Wish or Miracle). Guess I'll have to pick some of the more situational ones: Greater Create Demiplane: As create demiplane, but larger and with more planar traits. I like spells that create safe places. They can be...
  7. Chimpzy

    Pitch a game you'd love to see

    Neverwinter Nights made a valiant attemp and I like it, but it is overall still a far cry from an actual tabletop session of D&D. I don't think it's really possible to fully replicate that (minus the 'being in the same room' part, of course), considering that you wouldn't only need to account...
  8. Chimpzy

    Pitch a game you'd love to see

    I'd want a game that is basically pen & paper D&D, but online, where you have a handful of players with their selfmade character and one additional player to serve as DM for the campaign. If someone actually managed to accurately recreate playing tabletop D&D digitally, I'd be all Well, if...
  9. Chimpzy

    Top 10 Free Programs for Windows (UPDATED AGAIN)

    I'm using seven out of ten. Not bad, assuming we're keeping score. Am considering trying Everything, because the out-of-the-box search function in Win10 is kind of toss. Might just be me, but it feels significantly worse than the one in older versions, to the point of being nearly useless. Aye...
  10. Chimpzy

    Flawless Doom 4 Nightmare Kadingir Sanctum

    That's pretty cool. Also, didn't know you could use the Gauss Cannon for jumping. As someone who spent quite some time mastering rocket jumping in Team Fortress, I'm kind of tempted to reinstall Doom and try it myself.
  11. Chimpzy

    Chrome Now With 10-13% More RAM Consumption!

    Meh, don't use Chrome, so whatever. Or at least not privately. I do use it a little bit at work, because some internal apps only run on Chrome and Internet Crawler/Edge, and I'll see the world burned to a crisp before I use the latter. Used to be an Opera man, until an update made it near...
  12. Chimpzy

    Long time no...

    Oh hey, I remember you. Welcome.
  13. Chimpzy


    Half Belgian and the rest is a smattering of German, Austrian and Serb. I'm assuming Kaleion meant Moorish, although that's not really a distinct ethnical group, but loosely refers to the muslim inhabitants of the Maghreb, Iberian Peninsula and some Mediterranean isles. If we're talking muslim...
  14. Chimpzy

    Is Hawaiian pizza a sin?

    I'm fine with it, but the pineapple has to be fresh, not from a can.
  15. Chimpzy

    what's the longest shift you've done at work

    Well, back when I still worked as a freelance journalist I had a lot of long, highly irregular hours. Going over my old invoices and schedules, I frequently worked 60-70 hours weeks. This included working at night, during weekend or on national holidays. Although there was sort of a cadence to...
  16. Chimpzy

    worst product packaging

    This. Especially those for electronics, because they tend to have plastic so tough it feels like you need a bolt cutter to get through it. So you just cut off enough so that you can continue prying/tearing it open by hand (and yes, frequently hurt your hands doing so), but then you need to apply...
  17. Chimpzy

    Facts about your anus

    The hair around your asshole muffles your farts. So – it’s impossible to fart silently if you shave your asshole. There is an ancient Greek word for having an awesome ass—it’s “callipygian.” People have died from pooping too hard. It caused their blood pressure to rise enough to shake loose a...
  18. Chimpzy

    This week I have been mostly playing...

    Right, never came to mind to check if they had a digital release on PSN. I'll consider that. Kind of tells you how long it's been since I used my PS3 and PSP (or rather, the actual hardware in the latters case).
  19. Chimpzy

    E3 2018 Impressions - What The Fuck?

    So far, there's Metro: Exodus, Doom Eternal, Kingdom Hearts 3 and Cyberpunk 2077. Just mild interest though, not excitement.
  20. Chimpzy

    This week I have been mostly playing...

    No, I haven't. I know 1 and 2 are generally seen as the best in the series, but they're pretty pricy and I don't emulate any games I don't own copy of out of principle. 4 is mostly seen as the worst. So I did a toss-up on which to get between 3 and 5, and the latter won. Also, 3 never received a...
  21. Chimpzy

    This week I have been mostly playing...

    Well, this past week-end I finished up Shadow Hearts: Covenant. Decent enough game. The Great War-era Europe and Asia setting is novel, characters are fun and it's got a nice atmosphere. The combat system, while fun at first, does wear out its welcome after a while. Dungeon design also has the...
  22. Chimpzy

    I'm a former game journo - AMA

    Honestly, I don't give a rats ass. If people want to complain about Valve's policies, let them. They have a right to it. If Valve wants to allow anything and everything on their platform, barring some exceptions for legal reasons? Their platform, their choice. Only part of the complaints I...
  23. Chimpzy

    I'm a former game journo - AMA

    Well, ideally you want your poo to be firm enough to throw easily and careen through the air, but not so firm that it won't splat on impact. That means food that has fiber, but not too much. In other words: bananas. Although sometimes you'll specifically want the poo gooey. Won't have much...
  24. Chimpzy

    I'm a former game journo - AMA

    Well, one of the core principles of journalistic ethics is that a journo should be independent, i.e. not act, formally or informally, on behalf of special interests whether political, corporate or cultural. So, yes, journalists agreeing to write opinion pieces on the same topic from the same...
  25. Chimpzy

    What makes you better than Hitler?

    Ooooooooh, burn! Well, I'm better than Hitler because I'm an ape and apes are awesome.