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  1. Ads? in MY game? It might be more likely than you think

    Advertisers are missing a trick. Pay modders to make new things like vehicles, clothing, levels. Put some advertising in that fits - like logos on racing cars, billboards in the game level, etc.
  2. THIS is why people don't like updating...

    It's bothersome that "updating" is synonymous with "upgrading", which has positive connotations.
  3. Anime

    My favourite japanimation is Cyber City Oedo 808. Specifically, the English dub with all the swearing and awesome Rory McFarlane soundtrack.
  4. Pedophilia is a natural sexual orientation

    The thing about natural vs unnatural sexuality is simplistic and often bullshit IMO. People say it because it has political capital. The whole innate/choice thing is used similarly. IMO sexuality is part nature, part nurture, and once developed, is somewhat malleable. This doesn't mean that...
  5. Should parents spank their children?

    I got spanked if I did something like, say, crossing the road without looking. Sometimes kids simply wont remember not to do important things like that if you just tell them, even if they have no intention to misbehave. With hindsight, I'm a lot happier with having had a sore bum (which has long...
  6. Automatic Content Curation Systems vs. Bulletin Board Systems

    Regular forums are great provided the user can keep up with new posts, and that they can find the forum in the first place. I'd like to see a content system that figured out what posts you would be likely to find worthwhile, based on yours and others' previous ratings. If other users find a post...