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  1. Gauche

    Epic MK9 Shang Tsung Beatdown

    Epic MK9 Shang Tsung Beatdown EPIC MK9 SHANG TSUNG BEATDOWN One made me think the Epic store bought the rights to MK9 The other made me think overhyped youtube title
  2. Gauche

    My Steam Summer Sale Load...

    You've changed. It happens. Probably would help to identify why that is though considering you're feeling down about it. Would you say its a lack of interest or can you just not find similar levels of engagement with other games? Ya know, questions like that. Find some conclusion and carry on...
  3. Gauche

    My Steam Summer Sale Load...

    Sharing my load of zilch 'Cause you're broke?
  4. Gauche

    My Steam Summer Sale Load...

    Nah, haven't bought a game since Portal 2 released Might soon break that streak for Die Höhlenwelt Saga Das Magiekartenspiel/Akikos Trivocum but dat language barrier
  5. Gauche

    My Steam Summer Sale Load...

  6. Gauche

    Reddit's free speech spaces are self-censoring out of fear.

    Logged out already. Went something like: Arnox turned into a draconic admin. Mono may or may not lick ya. Signa enjoys butt noodles. Vendor still likes green and dew. House went downhill after season 2. They all miss discussing stuff with you. Sign up and play the monops Much enticing
  7. Gauche

    Reddit's free speech spaces are self-censoring out of fear.

    Same. I should refresh the page next time.
  8. Gauche

    News Site 'Fandom Post' is Seeking Game Writers

    Tippy2k2's weekly game releases was legit good content back at the fan club. Most gaming news sites don't publish that info despite it qualifying as gaming news. Even game informer just does a giant list for the year and calls it a day. Coverage of the blatant sexism of male breast jiggle...
  9. Gauche

    Bernie Sanders Answers a Grand Total of 13 Questions on an AMA

    Came by one of his AMAs months back where someone asked what his favorite book was. He answered with his yet to be released book. Whether or not that was his "legit" answer, I wouldn't trust the guy to make decisions.
  10. Gauche

    What's at least one game you absolutely hate?

    The Game of Life
  11. Gauche

    Nintendo announces a bunch of pokemon games

    Have these been confirmed to all be Game Freak developed games or are the all made by different devs? Too much content at once puts me off looking into any of them. The main series plus a few spin offs were fine. This is a bit excessive. I feel bad for the kid whos parents inevitably buy them...
  12. Gauche

    Monopoly - Sign ups

    I invite you all to play a friendly game of Monopoly Da rulz Pick your Token (feel free to make your own 64x64) Player list: 1. Gauche - Hat - 8 2. gaijinkaiju - Ship 3. 4. --- We'll be using the chat for dice rolls. Please join the dice rolling room and enable bot messages. Roll for...
  13. Gauche

    Blocking Players

    Never have. The mute function suffices for me. If they go the extra mile to bother me I take it as flattery. Though the most excessive thing I'd get my way were accusations of cheating in TF2. The regulars on that server would vouch for me though which was cool. You gonna die if you step outside...
  14. Gauche

    Sanctuary Update - 1/7/2019

    This looks like it addresses the spacing issue with bandcamp embeds - https://xenforo.com/community/resources/s9e-media-sites.5973/ Looks to be freeware? If it ain't then forget about it
  15. Gauche

    Poll: Having the Chatbox Above or Below the Latest Posts

    Cut the Latest Posts section in two and place the chat in the middle
  16. Gauche

    "Games as a service" is fraud.

    A solid response by a keen mind. TL;DW: Not fraud in the US. Solution: 1. Make the copyright term 20 years 2. Limit extensions to 10 years with the requirement of submitting all info to the Library on Congress. Guy is gonna catch a bullet.
  17. Gauche

    Why do they hate piracy?

    I gave this a watch and disagree with several of his points.
  18. Gauche

    Lost games

    Is it really lost though? The hardware is certainly still obtainable. The game files (demo) are on the net. The only barrier to entry I see is validating the serial to receive the full game. Either they email you the full game or they send you some sort of key to unlock the rest. I'd try...
  19. Gauche

    Lost games

  20. Gauche

    Why do they hate piracy?

    I think you're looking for an "Unemulatable" list. Emulator dev teams tend to have such lists during development. Like the RPCS3 guys got one. Aside from those I don't know of anything similar. DS games have the DeSmuME emulator going for them. 3DS has Citra. I can't imagine folks are...
  21. Gauche

    Sanctuary Update - 4/29/2019

    At least get this working - https://intosanctuary.com/index.php?chat/fullpage I'd rather have it open in a different tab instead of scrolling down the page every time to catch a glimpse. The ALL option is a lame alternative
  22. Gauche

    You guys have a specific site you like for game trainers?

    Cheat Engine. Its neat putting 99 into all the item values and seeing things that were unreleased. Take Monster Monpiece for example. The PSP Vita version had items awards for online play. The Steam version has no online however those items are still in the base game but can't be exchanged for...
  23. Gauche

    Why do they hate piracy?

    Who is "they" in this scenario? I ask as the OP makes it just sound like Nintendo/Sony/Microsoft. Of those three I only know of Nintendo sending out C&Ds to sites hosting their games (Coolroms/Emuparadise?). Nintendo are dicks about piracy but they make up for it with easily hacked hardware. The...