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  1. Gauche

    A YEAR OF SPRINGS - A Gauche Review Production

    This visual novel centers around three acts. I got to the end of the first act expecting the second one in the menu to unlock but I guess I have to replay the first act to experience the other endings before being allowed to move on. --- Inquiring does not equate a denial of person No, it...
  2. Gauche

    Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel - An online card game based on a TCG that doesn't permit trading cards with other players

    Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel has a gem system for in-game currency. A pack of cards cost 100 gems and they have 10 cards each. Daily missions + login nets 145 gems a day so a month will get you 4350. The shop normally sells 4950 gems for $79.99 and are unlimited to purchase. Sales sell 3500 gems for...
  3. Gauche

    Car chases suck

    Movies tend to drag out screen time with a car chase - James Bond films especially They take me out of whatever I'm viewing to the point that it just turns into me waiting for them to end Jump cuts, engine revs, tires screeches, horn honks, ramp jumps, an explosion and destroyed fruit carts do...
  4. Gauche

    Just is the just of just and justly so

    Just like deez nutz
  5. Gauche

    Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel - Forbidden/Limited Card List

    Forbidden Amazoness Archer Ancient Fairy Dragon Blackwing - Gofu the Vague Shadow Blackwing - Steam the Cloak Blaster, Dragon Ruler of Infernos Butterfly Dagger - Elma Cannon Soldier Cannon Soldier MK-2 Card of Safe Return Change of Heart Cold Wave Confiscation Cyber Jar Dandylion Delinquent...
  6. Gauche

    Switch OLED - Modchip Installation - Hwfly

    https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005003181128650.html https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005003464336079.html --- I was looking into the Switch scene and checking if there has been any news regarding hacking them since the hardware revisions There is nothing software wise but there are hardware...
  7. Gauche

    Twitch.tv data leak

    --- >When licking a microphone nets you <$100K monthly
  8. Gauche

    Song of Farca - A Gauche Review Production

    6/10 - *goat noises* You play as Isabella Song, Private Investigator dwelling in Farca. While under house arrest you'll use your army of drones to fuck mysteries up legally, maybe. While the game opens with "Your actions will affect the story" I don't think they do majorly? I was gonna...
  9. Gauche

    Shattered: Tale of the Forgotten King - Memorem Text

    EIBON ARH ASTYR'S QUOTE Only you are obsessed with knowledge. Quote attributed to Promethean Eibon arh Astyr SCYLE'S MEMOREM - EXTRACT 1 The holographic light reflected on his alabaster skin. I could still hear the distant melody of the Artists playing a symphony in the Agora...
  10. Gauche

    Shattered: Tale of the Forgotten King - A Gauche Review Production

    5/10 - The love/hate is strong here Redlock Studio made it with the Unreal Engine. Game is a massive ram whore. Recommended system requirements is 8gb but I was hitting 9gb use. So imagine a dark souls-lite framework mixed with a plot conjured by Tsutomu Nihei, third person game with fixed...
  11. Gauche

    What is your perception of ASMR?

    Please explain auditorily and/or visually I remember they started off innocently popping bubble wrap or messing with putty Now I associate the term with thots making a career out of donations
  12. Gauche

    This media should be ignored

    So I came by this review of a game Grotesque? Well that is a matter of opinion Racially sensitive? The quoted review makes no such claim and not having played it myself can't conclude it. Neither has Krogan32 though so I'm gonna assume they're assuming Violence? Games have featured that one...
  13. Gauche

    What was the first physical comic you read?

    Had a friend who subscribed to Shōnen Jump but I didn't sit to read any of that. I think the first Manga I tracked down online to read was Suzuka. Did not expect the full on nudity in it. I had seen online comic strips and knew some series but I didn't actually get a physical comic in my hands...
  14. Gauche

    Minute of Islands - A Gauche Review Production

    1/10 The game is a platformer with walking simulators level of depth. You go here and there pressing up and spacebar or down and spacebar or just walking left or right. Plot: When you really want to flesh out a dying world visually but say very little of it so you turn to video games as the...
  15. Gauche

    Astalon - Tears of the Earth - A Gauche Review Production

    5/10 Completed it Main mechanic revolves around switching between characters to open paths using their unique skills. Problem is you can only switch at a campsite which are spread throughout the map. This results in going down a path with one character to reach the end of it to find out you...
  16. Gauche

    Phoenix Point - A Gauche Review Production

    1/10 Otherwise known as Fist, Crotch, Thighs is a turn based tactical squad management game where you shoot stuff with a chance to miss. There was a bit of drama about it being an Epic Games exclusive for a year before being released on other digital storefronts. Something about donations being...
  17. Gauche

    Post foots

    Not feet
  18. Gauche

    Share comedian skits

  19. Gauche

    Full Moon

    Sirens most of the time tip me off that it'll be a full moon. Other times its people yelling at each other in the street over trivial shit, but more so. Yesterday it was a guy trying to get his car started with his set of golf clubs outside flat on the side of the road while a guy walked by...
  20. Gauche

    ikenfell - A Gauche Review Production

    "I am... so hetero.."/"I am... so gay.." - Left unfinished Combat is overall fairly bland. Having timed attacks/defense while lacking overworld preemptive strikes feels so very wrong - nintendo rpgs have ruined me Was hoping for a bestiary. The save file text makes note of one so maybe it...
  21. Gauche

    Multimedia Collections - Physical vs Digital

    Physical Digital Share yer poison --- I'm been doing some media acquisition as of late. Looking up what highest quality format titles got, each variant of the release and looking up their prices to gauge whether its ultimately worth the buy/shelf space. After I check to see if its...
  22. Gauche

    Nintendo ceases production of the 3DS

    I've wasted too many hours on the DS line Sad to see it go
  23. Gauche

    Xbox Series X retails at $499 - Releases November 10th, 2020

    Beats the PS3 retail price of $599 yet outdoes it via the installments May as well make a PC if paying $875 is the plan