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  1. Arnox

    Dresden Files (Books 1-3) Review

    This was on my reading list for a long while, but now since I'm actually looking at my reading list again, I got a chance to give these a go. So yeah, I looked online after reading as to what people thought of these earlier books in the series and it turns out they have the same opinion I do...
  2. Arnox

    Man Builds a Custom CNC Machine (That's Actually Really Good)

    This video makes me want to drop everything and become a mech. engineer. EDIT: Really quickly, for those who don't know, a CNC machine is like a 3D printer except it can work with FAR more materials than just plastic including steel, wood, and stone. With the right expertise and enough...
  3. Arnox

    A Bit of an Early July 4th Message

    I know Independence Day is an American holiday mostly, but regardless, I find the day somewhat congruous with Sanctuary for obvious reasons. Really quick though, an update on those bad personal matters I was talking about earlier. Thankfully, I think those are coming to a close now and I can...
  4. Arnox

    Possibilities for Sanctuary Staff Openings

    After thinking a bit about this, I have a basic idea of how we could do this, but before we can even go any further whatsoever, we need to establish something very important for all this first. Who wants to actually join the Sanctuary staff anyway? What will be expected if you join: It will be...
  5. Arnox

    I need to apologize...

    Right now, there are things with Sanctuary that are... Getting to me. And it's not really just one issue but a multitude of smaller ones all compounding together. And that would been manageable but I also some fairly large personal issues going on as well that I'd rather not get into. Personal...
  6. Arnox

    Do you guys want Half-Baked back?

    During the sub-forum change, HB (Half-Baked), which used to be the comedy sub-forum on TOTSE, was brought back to my attention as a possible candidate to add to the current list of sub-forums we have now. During the effort to compress the sub-forums as much as possible though, HB got merged...
  7. Arnox

    Old Sanctuary Members Who Are MIA

    As I was digging through the archives, a bunch of old prolific posters inevitably came up. Might be interesting to see if we can get them to post now if they're currently lurking. @andersonnnunes - Guy from Brazil. Had some interesting if kinda edgy threads to contribute. Had his own website...
  8. Arnox

    Sanctuary Update - 6/25/2022

    It has been a WHILE since we've had an official update to Sanctuary. And there was even more actually than just the sub-forum reoganizing. But first, let's go over the full changelist. Changes: - The Clan Gaming Lounge Events sub-forum was changed to the much more general Events Calendar for...
  9. Arnox

    Should we change back to a TOTSE-style sub-forum layout?

    Or should we just keep with the tech and gaming theme? The latter would be our current strength right now, but keeping such also overlaps a lot with a TON of other forums which would put us in more direct competition with them. Adding back more diversified sub-forums would jive much better with...
  10. Arnox

    Proof for the AMA Subreddit

    I am doing an AMA today. Link will be posted here. https://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/vjcpks/i_am_the_founder_and_administrator_of_a_site_and/
  11. Arnox

    You know, I'm impressed with Diablo Immortal...

    So after they got absolutely FUCKED IN THE ASS at Blizzcon for the Diablo Immortal annoucement, after they got roasted on the internet for that shit right afterward, after their company came under fire and is now under massive scrutiny and investigation for terrible workplace conditions, after...
  12. Arnox

    Quick Announcement: Guests Now Have Read Permissions for The Chatbox

    If you would prefer that the Chatbox should instead remain totally blocked to guests, let me know in this thread, and if there's enough consensus, I'll go ahead and reverse the change.
  13. Arnox

    This madlad actually made the college website from Accepted...

    https://www.southharmoninstituteoftechnology.org/ Fuck me though, I wish I had infinite money so I could have bought that domain a long time ago for Sanctuary and have it redirect to here. The fictional college's philosophy actually fits ours eerily well.
  14. Arnox

    Official Donations Page

    *sigh* Alright. It is created. Funds ONLY towards advertising for Sanctuary can be donated now. PLEASE POST HERE OR CONTACT ME VIA PM OR EMAIL (arnox@intosanctuary.com) IF YOU WISH TO CONTRIBUTE TOWARDS ADVERTISING FOR SANCTUARY. We will first discuss and agree on how you would like your funds...
  15. Arnox

    PSA: Your torrent client (even with a VPN) could be leaking your IP

    So I was browsing the internet one night and I suddenly get forcibly redirected to a page stating my ISP has received notices of DMCA violations. Except I regularly use a VPN... At first I thought it was a phishing attempt and called up my ISP to confirm it. Yep, it was valid. Next came the...
  16. Arnox

    Opening Up Donations + Migrating Away from Cloudflare

    Two big changes are coming to Sanctuary. So, as discussed in the chatbox, I've been convinced by my family that, at least for right now, I should start accepting donations for site advertising so the Sanctuary project can actually continue progressing again. Now, I'm a bit lost at the moment as...
  17. Arnox

    [Old Content] Vice City Stories

    https://imgur.com/gallery/ACrsg I remember this shit. Hilarious even now. Too bad though that that fucking toy helicopter mission stopped me dead from playing the rest of Vice City. Maybe I might pick it up again though one of these days. Annnnnddddd that should be the last of the old Imgur...
  18. Arnox

    [Old Content] Top 10 Best Local Multiplayer Games of All Time (in my opinion)

    https://imgur.com/gallery/lTwcn This one's actually still pretty up to date and relevant. I might add Black Ops 2 to the CoD entry now, Project M got shut down and then started back up with Project Plus, and Gauntlet Legends can now be emulated, but that's about it. I do find it funny how more...
  19. Arnox

    [Old Content] Stories of an Internet Forum Administrator

    https://imgur.com/gallery/lpiHJjC/ Ok, fine. So, it turns out I lied. There are a few more collections on my Imgur account that I'll archive here. This one has stories that I think some of us already know, but I still found it a little funny and it brought back some memories, both good and bad.
  20. Arnox

    [Old Content] How to Be a Badass at Life v2.0

    https://imgur.com/gallery/lzI5f I was browsing through my old and abandoned Imgur account and while most of the posts I made long ago with it were long outdated or pretty meh, this one I felt was worth saving. Nowadays, I don't agree anymore with a few points in it, but otherwise, it's pretty...
  21. Arnox

    [Talk Video] If Game Launch Apologies Were Honest [Arnox]

    https://intosanctuary.com/index.php?media/if-game-launch-apologies-were-honest-arnox.21/ Go ahead and put any comments on that page.
  22. Arnox

    We're expanding to reach a broader audience!

    Here at Sanctuary, we're introducing exciting new features such as a character limit and the almost complete removal of forums. 😀😀
  23. Arnox

    Looks like even Trump doesn't know what Putin's doing anymore...

    https://www.yahoo.com/news/trump-denies-calling-putin-a-genius-214302904.html Interesting. I wonder if Putin's just straight up going into Kim Jong-un mode now.
  24. Arnox

    The Harry Potter Book-Writing AI Actually Wrote a Full Book

    https://botnik.org/harry-potter-and-the-little-prince-chapter-1/ I knew about the much memed chapter of Harry Potter and the Portrait of What Looked Like a Large Pile of Ash (talk about a title that could have easily been written by Douglas Adams if there ever was one), but I didn't know he set...