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  1. Arnox

    Official Donations Page

    *sigh* Alright. It is created. Funds ONLY towards advertising for Sanctuary can be donated now. PLEASE POST HERE OR CONTACT ME VIA PM OR EMAIL (arnox@intosanctuary.com) IF YOU WISH TO CONTRIBUTE TOWARDS ADVERTISING FOR SANCTUARY. We will first discuss and agree on how you would like your funds...
  2. Arnox

    The Confederate flag

    Well, as we all know, the Civil War was heavily about state powers versus federal powers. Slavery was the powder keg that had been sitting there ever since after the Revolutionary War and then blew up, initiating the Civil War and reigniting the big ass debate they had about how much power the...
  3. Arnox

    Comment by 'Arnox' in media 'The One Microsoft Windows Video to Rule Them All [Arnox]'

    Yeah, it's not the best. In my defense, I had to get through over 20 pages of material. There's other small little issues with the video as well that I didn't catch in time even though I must have made like 3 or 4 editing passes for the video and audio each.
  4. The One Microsoft Windows Video to Rule Them All [Arnox]

    The One Microsoft Windows Video to Rule Them All [Arnox]

    Original video creator(s): Arnox - script writer, video maker Creator's description: From 98 SE to 11, this video will go over all the high points and important secrets of Windows, both past and present. While it sadly doesn't contain EVERYTHING about Windows ever, it should cover all, if not...
  5. Arnox

    Comment by 'Arnox' in media 'The Website That All of Us Now Need The Most is Gone [Arnox]'

    Fun update: Linus Sebastian falls victim to Twitter's shitty system. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7w8G8uTOwY8)
  6. Arnox

    PSA: Your torrent client (even with a VPN) could be leaking your IP

    This is probably why Linux doesn't leak either. There's no separate connection to leak from.
  7. Arnox

    PSA: Your torrent client (even with a VPN) could be leaking your IP

    So I was browsing the internet one night and I suddenly get forcibly redirected to a page stating my ISP has received notices of DMCA violations. Except I regularly use a VPN... At first I thought it was a phishing attempt and called up my ISP to confirm it. Yep, it was valid. Next came the...
  8. Arnox

    Opening Up Donations + Migrating Away from Cloudflare

    Ok. The full Cloudflare emigration is complete. Let me know if there's any issues.
  9. Arnox

    Opening Up Donations + Migrating Away from Cloudflare

    Two big changes are coming to Sanctuary. So, as discussed in the chatbox, I've been convinced by my family that, at least for right now, I should start accepting donations for site advertising so the Sanctuary project can actually continue progressing again. Now, I'm a bit lost at the moment as...
  10. Arnox

    Pedophilia is a natural sexual orientation

    For the same reason you clean your dishes every time after a meal. They're just going to get dirty again, so why bother? Because some things need to be continually supported and maintained or else our quality of living tends to take a dive.
  11. Arnox

    Best Emulators as of 2022 + Game Console Timeline

    Bump. Updated the title and added the xemu OG Xbox emulator, Xenia Xbox 360 emulator, and yuzu Nintendo Switch emulator. The PlayStation 4 has also been updated from no emulation to unstable emulation.
  12. Arnox

    Car chases suck

    Sometimes they are. The Fast and the Furious (1 and 2) and (if I remember correctly) Baby Driver's lead actor are doing all the car stunts by themselves for example.
  13. Arnox

    Ads? in MY game? It might be more likely than you think

    Halo Infinite's gonna get 'em. Mark my words.