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  1. andersonnnunes

    If you could take over the World, would you?

    I would take it over, but by the time the fallout was gone, I would be too old, maimed or dead, so I would leave it for Arnox to run.
  2. andersonnnunes

    Search Error

    Broken again. Nah, just kidding this time. Don't think I have seen this with any other XF install out there, but asking them about it isn't a bad idea. The forums is small now so the search isn't super important, just makes it easier to recall a thread, but if/when it grows, reliable search...
  3. andersonnnunes

    We now have our own Linux distribution...

    Relevant: The Linux kernel's inability to gracefully handle low memory pressure
  4. andersonnnunes

    Search Error

    Broken again.
  5. andersonnnunes

    "What is it like to be a dev in Iran"

    How important is the answer of that to you?
  6. andersonnnunes

    "What is it like to be a dev in Iran"

    Seems like there is serious money in this climate change battle, some pretty high salaries for organizers. Just by chance I saw an opening from the United Nations. Too bad (for whom?) I am not a sellout.
  7. andersonnnunes

    "What is it like to be a dev in Iran"

    Does the following ever happen to you? You find a perfect headline that you completely agree with, only to read the article and find that they came to the same conclusion as you for the most disparate reasons. Just happened to me: Brazil Is a Bigger Threat Than Either Iran or China American...
  8. andersonnnunes

    "What is it like to be a dev in Iran"

    Some say you have to wipe out the population and replace it with better genetic specimens.
  9. andersonnnunes

    "What is it like to be a dev in Iran"

    Blog post about how government censorship and foreign sanctions impact the job of a programmer in Iran.
  10. andersonnnunes

    Just found this game ROM corruptor...

    Guys, I have a bridge to sell to you.
  11. andersonnnunes

    Internet Explorer is EVIL!

    (testing link on image)
  12. andersonnnunes

    You Need Feeds

    I am now following Discord's channels with my feed reader. I really dislike big open chats, so I tend to avoid chat programs, but some people are using Discord for image sharing and they have some really good game screenshots. Plus I can follow some low volume conversation channels or...
  13. andersonnnunes

    Hi! I'm Gabe Newell, and welcome to Team Fortress 2...

    If you run out of oregano and the supermarket is closed, find the nearest oregonion, give him a scratch and use whatever fall off of that, just beware of bullet casings made of brass, prefer the steal ones, it goes better with the fish.
  14. andersonnnunes

    Brazilian Speed-runner Exposed as a Cheater. Goes on Harassment Spree and Tries to Take-down Critiques

    No surprise there for me. Expect from this to worse from BRs.
  15. andersonnnunes

    "Working there is not ethically neutral: every day that you go into work, you are doing something wrong"

    Someone wrote an article about zip archive hacking, very good by itself, and put an unusual writing at the end: A final plea It's time to put an end to Facebook. Working there is not ethically neutral: every day that you go into work, you are doing something wrong. If you have a Facebook...
  16. andersonnnunes

    [Article] Metal Gear Rising (2014) handles save files not so well: debug and fix

    Today’s test subject is Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, released in January 2014. A spinoff of Metal Gear Solid series, developed and ported in-house by Platinum Games, also known for e.g. NieR: Automata. [it] exhibits very weird behaviour with the location of its saves/configurations...
  17. andersonnnunes

    We live in a state of confusion, to which the response is 'Oh, dear'

    To those who know Adam Curtis, this needs no introduction, to those who don't, take this as an introduction to his works.
  18. andersonnnunes

    She Was an Olympic Medal Winning Cyclist, Got a Computer Science Degree and Now is Homeless

    Another one into the pipeline? Can't Get An Interview Anywhere (M.S. & Military Background) I have a Master's in Computer Science (3.0 GPA) & I'm an Active U.S. Air Force Reservist with Security Clearance. I've been out of work for several years (Except when working on military orders a couple...
  19. andersonnnunes

    Search Error

    Seems broken again.
  20. andersonnnunes

    Weird Gaming Clan: Ex-Military from Any Nation

    Found a curious gaming clan that restricts membership to ex-military from any nation. Now I can only wonder if they have people who fought and almost killed each other playing games on the same team like brothers.
  21. andersonnnunes

    Is everyone OK with running Pathfinder for next forum game?

    I am probably not going to join this time, nor any other time, with prize or without prize.
  22. andersonnnunes

    Analysis of a Civil War in America

    Name one high profile target and tell how his death could sway the tide over.
  23. andersonnnunes

    News Site 'Fandom Post' is Seeking Game Writers

    Cross-publish something you were already going to publish here?
  24. andersonnnunes

    Sanctuary Forum Game #2: D&D Test Run

    It was at this moment that Eneva saw that the youth and the horse had morphed into a flying quimera. She mounted it, flew sky high, then descended with the speed of a thousand lightnings into the isle, killing everybody with a blast of multi-colored laser-like chain reactions that created...
  25. andersonnnunes

    News Site 'Fandom Post' is Seeking Game Writers

    Maybe a chance to promote intosanctuary.com there? Dunno. https://www.fandompost.com/2019/06/17/fandom-post-seeking-game-writers/