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  1. Gauche

    What's the difference between a terrorist and a revolutionary?

    Rock Holdings Inc. owns dictionary.com Rely on better references instead of the first search result
  2. Gauche

    Extra Credits goofed up...again

    The video title is click bait. The entire thing is about in-universe lore. Title should of been "Examples of video games where evil races aren't evil in other forms of media concerning the IP and why we demand you praise it and replicate it in the AAA franchises you'll never make and only...
  3. Gauche

    What's the difference between a terrorist and a revolutionary?

    They have dictionaries for these sort of questions. Joke books too.
  4. Gauche

    Vaccine Passports

    Nope. The restrictions angle sounds lame but I'd like some QR code or something nonphysical to refer to in the instance of my vaccination status were to be questioned. Cereal boxes have batch and serial numbers. Let the doses be on some public registry and let the vaccinated choose to register...
  5. Gauche

    Post foots

    Not feet
  6. Gauche

    Report: Sony To Shut Down Stores For PS3/PSP/PSVITA

    The only physical games I still own for any any of those systems are just PS3 titles. 3D Dot Game Heroes, Warhawk and Dead Island. Gave the rest away. Digital only titles go RIP but are probably archived on the net. I just hope they got the updates/patches too. All those systems are...
  7. Gauche

    Share comedian skits

  8. Gauche

    Facing Worlds #1

    Use cubeupload. Imgur compresses the images.
  9. Gauche

    Greetings to everyone from The Escapist!

    Ah, good point. Other peeps. I'll edit the post to reflect that.
  10. Gauche

    Greetings to everyone from The Escapist!

    Profile posts are also subject for a ban. @Epyc Wynn was banned under an alternative alias on v2 over a profile post including the word gamergate. Its okay to share identifying information of others on the escapist. All the mods there wouldn't lift a finger over it. Tells you all you need to...
  11. Gauche

    Yoshi here

    Hey Y0shi. What are your thoughts on the recent craze for retro portable consoles? With the 3DS gone portable console junkies are getting their fix elsewhere.
  12. Gauche

    Sanctuary Update - 3/6/2021 (UPDATED)

    .memberHeader-main border-bottom y
  13. Gauche

    Sketch and Lineart Practice #1

    🙈 🌬💩 🎨🔥
  14. Gauche

    I think it's time to play some clan games again...

    Sure, I made a Steam account and added all of you. My sniper is hilariously pathetic now. I blame the bluetooth mouse. I would of been down to click trees again for wood but paid membership is still a thing. I swear it was $5 back in the day.
  15. Gauche

    Thoughts on Making a Comic

    Adding any more detail will cost ya This video may or may not help EDA quality of art be work
  16. Gauche

    I think it's time to play some clan games again...

    Don't you need 6 players for MvM?
  17. Gauche

    I think it's time to play some clan games again...

    https://store.steampowered.com/bundle/7694/Kagura_Bundle/ https://store.steampowered.com/app/1251910/Kill_Yourself/ The Maze https://curvefever.pro/
  18. Gauche

    What would you like to see for Skyrim's upcoming 10th anniversary?

    A patch that makes the game good.
  19. Gauche

    I'm so sick of hearing about Mirandas ass

    Isn't there hex editor shenanigans you can pull to essentially have a free camera and oggle bits to their fullest? I remember Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment playing folk using such tricks to get panty shots. So I looked it up and ToggleFlyCam seemed to work for the originals. It is and I'm...
  20. Gauche

    Dear website admins...

    Don't give them the click Most don't even have a comment section anymore Hate the ones that take away the scrollbar That shit is hostile Helps to have a remove object tool like Nuke Everything umatrix is good too. Lots of anti-antiadblock tools out there too