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  1. Arnox

    PC/Mac Guild Wars At 8 PM!

    Gonna start announcing these more on the forums. (And generally use the forums more.) Note the date! It's tomorrow! And I'm gonna keep scheduling these until people start showing up.
  2. Arnox

    Sanctuary Forum Game #2: D&D Test Run

    You can't cast that at range unfortunately. Do you want to move into the group to do so? Also how much HP would you like to heal? (Maximum of 5 HP.)
  3. Arnox

    [Article] Why I won't play your Mobile Game

    Microtransactions. It's ALWAYS microtransactions. It's like a fucking plague that's on app stores. In a way, the stores themselves are responsible for this as well, with little if any tools to sort out the apps that have mtx and the ones that do not, so people can just spam their shitty little apps.
  4. Arnox

    Sanctuary Forum Game #2: D&D Test Run

    You might hit your party members. Are you sure you want to fire? Also, if so, which bow would you like to use?
  5. Arnox

    Sanctuary Forum Game #2: D&D Test Run

    Turn 16 Actually don't roll initiative. I'll roll it. I also want to apologize for how long this turn took for me to make. I thought I had the combat section in the PHB covered. I did not. Thus I had to get a whole lot of things together in my head. I should be mostly fine with it from here...
  6. Arnox

    Russ officially quits

    The thing is... Everyone and their grandma these days has a mental illness though.
  7. Arnox

    Russ officially quits

    Yeah but we're better than Kiwi Farms though.
  8. Arnox

    AvP2 now up for download!

    Head over to the Resources section and check it out.
  9. Arnox

    Aliens vs. Predator 2 All-in-One Portable Edition 1.0

    Instructions: Just extract and play. KEEP IN MIND, the Primal Hunt expansion is stand-alone and the multiplayer for it doesn't work. AvP2 multiplayer does. So whenever you're playing multiplayer, launch the regular AvP2 game. What this pack contains: This pack contains both the base game and...
  10. Arnox

    Expired Guild Wars OG (Again Again)

    OK THIS time, we're gonna do this! No more excuses (from me).
  11. Arnox

    Expired Aliens vs. Predator 2

    Alright. Yesterday we just defaulted to JKA because I still didn't have my crap together for GW. It's my fault. So, having talked with some people and seeing that a lot of us prefer the more "old school" shooters over Halo, we're gonna do AvP2. AvP2 install files will be uploaded soon as well...
  12. Arnox

    Russ officially quits

    What, Yahtzee?
  13. Arnox

    Russ officially quits

    Don't know what the hell that guy was thinking all this time, but I truly hope that he finds a better life for himself. As to the Escapist, that place is such a mess, I don't even know where to start. Well, ok. Maybe I do. Wouldn't be much of an admin if I didn't. But still. The needed changes...
  14. Arnox

    Old stuff. Halo Online. Jedi Academy. Guild Wars (1).

    Old stuff. Halo Online. Jedi Academy. Guild Wars (1).
  15. Arnox

    Local Man Goes on Rampage in New Vegas with a .22 Pistol

    And they all said, "He was such a nice boy. I would never have expected him to execute half the Mojave Wasteland with a peashooter..." Preston Garvey, a local militia leader, also made a touching statement that brought the news team to tears. "Yeah, that's great and all, but another settlement...
  16. Arnox

    Sanctuary Update - 1/7/2019

    It's free. Though, honestly, nobody is using bandcamp at all here, so I wonder if this add-on is really necessary.
  17. Arnox

    Blocking Players

    I only block players if they're outright spamming me. And even then, only temporarily. Besides that, I think software blocks are pretty shitty in general.
  18. Arnox

    Sanctuary Forum Game #2: D&D Test Run

    A little bit to the south.
  19. Arnox

    Sanctuary Forum Game #2: D&D Test Run

    Turn 15 You guys approach the goblin camp. At the moment, one of the goblins at the front gate hears something, but generally, you all still have the element of surprise. You can choose which goblin you wish to attack by specifying the goblin's letter as shown in the map.
  20. Arnox

    Sanctuary Forum Game #2: D&D Test Run

    Turn 14 After you guys set off, it takes you a few hours hard riding upon the mountain pass, but you finally see Eneva in the distance with her local slave boy. And already, you all can here that he still has not shut up. Now, from your guys' intel, there seems to be a makeshift goblin...
  21. Arnox

    Sanctuary Forum Game #2: D&D Test Run

    Eh. It's around 2:00 PM. Now I'm assuming everyone wants to head out now to try and catch up with Eneva? Remember that everyone needs to respond before next turn!
  22. Arnox

    Poll: Having the Chatbox Above or Below the Latest Posts

    Seriously. The coding would be beyond me unfortunately. I'm already having a hard time getting the Chatbox to be customized by user-specified position. Really quick, I have fixed and enabled more Display Modes for the Chatbox, so that's good, but it's still not working entirely as I'd like it...
  23. Arnox

    Expired Guild Wars OG (Again)

    Same as before. Hopefully we can get our shit together. Remember that if you're making a new account or resurrecting an old one, YOU NEED TO KNOW THE NAME OF ONE OF YOUR CHARACTERS ON THAT ACCOUNT. If you do not, you'll need to contact support.
  24. Arnox

    "Games as a service" is fraud.

    I do like how he suggested my exact suggested copyright term in a much older post of mine. <3 https://intosanctuary.com/index.php?threads/how-long-should-intellectual-copyright-last.471/
  25. Arnox

    Poll: Having the Chatbox Above or Below the Latest Posts

    See poll question. By the way, yes, the issue of the popup not displaying the chat is now fixed.